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Losing You

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Losing You

We're in the closet when the show opens. Insert gratuitous Jessie joke here, if you're so inclined. Lily opens the door and pulls down a box labeled "Grace's Baby Clothes - One Year." She takes it to the kitchen to begin sorting its contents on the table. The telephone rings, pulling her attention away from a tiny jumper. She heads toward the phone as Zoe races into the room, saying she'll get it. Except she can't, because the receiver isn't in its cradle. A frantic, fruitless search ensues, and they miss the call. And don't bother checking the machine for a message, which is a little odd. Anyway, after a bit of grumbling, they turn their attention to breakfast. Zoe sees the box on the table and, holding up a wee dress exclaims, "Too cute!" "What's this?" she asks, pointing out a spot. "Puke," Lily answers, matter-of-factly, sucking a dollop of cream cheese off her thumb. Zoe drops the dress like it's on fire. She pulls an old porcelain doll out of the box and breathes, "I remember her!" Lily glances up from the bagels she's preparing and exposits that the doll, called Martha, was Zoe's grandmother's. Zoe asks if she can have it, and Lily says they'll have to ask. She warns Zoe that she won't be able to play "dress-up" with Martha, though. Lily plucks the doll from Zoe's hands and returns her to the box. She asks if Zoe made up her mind about her birthday party, and mutters something about "being so busy with [Barbara's] visit." Zoe quickly says that she just wants to do "something simple...with just us." Lily's touched, but thinks it a little odd that Zoe doesn't want to have a party with her friends. "I don't really feel like it this year. I mean, what's the big deal?" Zoe asks. Wait 'til you're turning thirty, kid. Those words will take on a whole new, desperate meaning.

Judy comes in the back door, calling out cheerfully. Zoe greets her with a hug and gushes, "Hi, Ju-Ju." Wha--? A horn honks outside, and Zoe says that it's Jake, and that she's late. She heads out, and Judy calls, "Nice to see you, Gummy Bear." Seriously, where did these names come from, and why do my teeth suddenly ache? Judy spots the baby clothes and asks if Lily's giving them away. Lily explains that she's got a "Maddie pile" and a "can't-bear-to- part-with-it pile." She assures Judy that she's saving Judy plenty of stuff, too. "Yeah, if they don't rot by then," Judy mutters. Why Judy, where's all the Sam love? Judy changes the subject, asking what time Barbara's plane gets in. Guiltily, Judy adds that she should be coming with Lily to pick her up. Lily assures her that it's okay. She says that she and Barbara will pick up Judy, then Zoe, and then they can all go see Maddie. "Your ex-husband's baby," Judy says, for effect. Lily mutters that it's the one thing Babs said she wanted to do while she's there. "She probably thinks she's her grandmother," Judy grumbles. "Judy," Lily warns. Judy picks at a bagel and says that Babs has been acting kind of odd on the phone lately. "She calls you?" Lily asks, her jealousy rising. "Only to criticize me," Judy says. "Last week she told me I act too capable around men." Clearly, Babs has never seen Judy around Sam Blue. Or any man, for that matter. "She never calls me," Lily gripes. Judy starts laying the foundation of dread, wondering if Babs will bring them the rye crackers she steals from the plane and then complain about every bit of food they served her. "Why are you being so mean?" Lily chides. Because life is just more fun that way? Judy counters, "Why are you in such denial?" Lily says it's "nicer" that way. She checks her watch and declares that she has to get to work. "Can we please fight later?" she adds, mildly. Judy retorts, "I'd love to, but I'll probably be too busy fighting with Mom." Lily heaves her eyes in a mighty roll.

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