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Baby Blues

The show opens with Lily in the living room working away at the computer. She jumps when she hears the front door open, and Grace and Carla come giggling into the house. She makes a mad dash for a couple of grocery bags, which are perched on a chair near the foyer, and rummages briefly through them. She doesn't find what she's looking for before the girls pass, though, so she just turns her back and guards the bags while she waits for them to move the hell along. Grace notices her watching them and snaps, "What?" by way of hello. "Hi!" Lily answers, a little too exuberantly. Grace snarks a hello, and the girls move toward the kitchen. Lily gives a panicked, cursory glance at the bags and then scrambles for the dining room table, where she rifles through her purse. Nothing. She glances toward the kitchen, where we can hear the girls talking. Lily sees an opportunity to break for the kitchen, but Carla moves toward the fridge and kills Lily's chance. When the giddy adolescents have finally finished raiding the fridge, Lily makes her mad dash for the kitchen, where she snatches a pregnancy test off the counter.

What? She leaves the rest of the groceries in the bags and pulls out the one thing she doesn't want anyone to find and plunks it down in the most open and communal spot in the house? Nice planning, that.

Anyway, she clutches the test to her stomach and oozes relief all over the kitchen floor.

Cue the Soliloquy Stool, where Lily's already settled with her chin in her hands. She's smiling, but it looks more like the unhinged grin of a lunatic. "Help!" she sort of laughs, with a catch in her throat. Wow, am I high, or is Lily actually putting on a brave front?

Lily's sense of relief in the kitchen is short-lived, as Judy and Zoe come bursting through the back door with even more groceries. She quickly hides the test behind her back as they start unloading boxes of stuff on the counter. Judy makes some quip about the problem with buying in bulk ("…is that you buy in bulk") while Zoe complains that the problem with "eating these fish is that you can't stop." She's referring to some sort of gummy fish-shaped confection. Lily suggests that Zoe go upstairs and brush her teeth, and I'm certain the directive has more to do with the fact that she wants little eyes and ears to be out of range when she pulls the test out of hiding than it does with her concern for oral hygiene. Judy starts putting away the groceries while Lily dances around and tries to keep the test away from her. She tries, unsuccessfully, to get rid of Judy, who in turn wants to know what Lily's hiding. Lily plays dumb. Judy points out that Lily hid something in her pants when they walked in. Bu-huh-sted! Lily knows the jig is up and pulls the big secret from behind her back. "You're pregnant?" Judy says, wide-eyed. Now, if Lily knew that, she wouldn't need the test, now, would she? Lily says that she's "late." Judy suggests that maybe Lily's just "stressed." Lily pooh-poohs that notion, wearily saying that she's "always been stressed, but [she's] never been late." Judy sort of almost suggests that it could be menopause, but Lily gets offended and ixnays that idea fast. Judy asks whether Rick knows, and Lily says that he doesn't.

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