Once and Again
Liars And Other Strangers

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Sex, Lies, and Bugaboos

We open in the kitchen of Manning Manor where, as usual, everyone's spazzing around trying not to be late. Lily's struggling to get the girls' lunches together when Grace starts complaining about the turkey lunch meat that's about to defile her sandwich. When Lily learns of Grace's distaste for the stuff, she immediately takes the only available course of action: she chases Grace around the kitchen with it. I, meanwhile, wrestle with flashbacks of the playground, a kid named Chad, and his daily ration of cocktail weenies. He always took great pleasure in plucking one from the can, waving it menacingly, and chasing me around with it. I know, I know, it sounds like the stuff Freud is made of, but it wasn't like that, really. Those cocktail weenies are just really disgusting foodstuffs. Anyway, after much lunch-meat hilarity, the phone rings, and Lily's raucous mood quickly changes after she answers it. Her voice drops an octave and she purrs a "good morning" into Rick's ear. We hear Rick trying to set up a date for that afternoon, as Zoe loudly asks to whom Lily is talking. Grace, with the compulsory eye-roll, answers that it's "The Dad." Lily and Rick banter back and forth about how soon they can get together, generally making it clear that their hormones are on the verge of busting out all over, and that they've all but forgotten all of last week's episode. Grace loudly and repeatedly whines that they're going to be late for school. Lily finally covers the mouthpiece and snaps, "All right! All right!" She apologizes to Rick and they agree to hook up later. "Ugh, finally! God!" Grace bitches when Lily clicks off the phone. Lily mimics her. "Are you going to go out with him every night?" Grace sulks. Lily says she's not, but Grace hasn't bothered sticking around to hear the answer. Zoe asks whether Rick has any kids her age, but Lily shepherds her out the door without answering.

Cut to the bookstore, where Lily's on the phone yet again. She says a disappointed "okay" before hanging up. The bookkeeper is there, eavesdropping, and Judy walks past with a sly look. "Are you still here?" she asks. "I thought you were gonna...you know." Lily shrugs off her jacket and gripes that they were going to meet at Rick's place, but now his damn kids have gone and ruined everything by having too much homework to go to the mall. The bookkeeper looks up from her calculator to ask why they can't just go to Lily's place. Judy mockingly answers, "She could, she's just...." Lily impatiently explains that she's afraid Jake will call or, worse, walk in on them again. Judy culls some advice from her own sordid experiences, suggesting that they just go to a motel. Lily looks as if Judy suggested they go to a Roach Motel. She glances sideways and catches a male customer looking at her. He's pretending to read while mentally dictating a letter to Penthouse Forum. He guiltily looks down. The bookkeeper thinks that's a lot of money "to just..." Lily explains to her that Judy was suggesting a seedy hotel. Judy says that even "seedy doesn't come cheap. Of course, he'll have to pay." Lily protests that that's not fair. "Tough!" Judy and the bookkeeper (who's named Natalie, incidentally) exclaim. Nice to see women's lib rages on. Judy turns thoughtful, musing, "There's always something depressing about motel rooms. There's always a stain you wish you hadn't seen." In the future, try hotels that don't rent their rooms by the hour, Judy.

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Once and Again




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