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Letting Go

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Letting Go

Well, it finally happened. I have been afflicted by the dreaded MBTV recappers' curse that has tormented so many of my colleagues. I fell victim to "technical difficulties" with my VCR (actually, the difficulties were more like a boyfriend and the hockey playoffs, but I'm not bitter at all) and missed the first few minutes of this week's episode. Which means I missed that smokin' hot sex scene everyone's been slavering over. Damn, damn, damn. But again, I'm not bitter. Especially since Wing has so graciously and generously offered to provide all the juicy details for the episode's opening.

So, with major props and a belly-scraping thank-you, I turn over the floor to the one, the only, Wing Chun. ["Hey, thanks. Okay, I didn't tape the episode, so this segment of the recap is coming from my memory of having watched it. Lily shows up at Judy's store just as Judy's closing up. Lily says she's alone for the evening and has apparently just gotten off work and invites Judy to have dinner with her. Judy claims to have store-related accounting to do and begs off, asking for a rain check. Lily suggests that they go out the next night instead, and Judy accepts. Lily leaves; Judy locks up after her and wanders into a back room, sorting papers in her hands (as I recall) not noticing right away that the door to the alley is wide open and a man is standing in the doorway, his features in shadow. Judy glances up and sees him, and instead of gasping she simply says something to the effect of, 'I'm sorry, I couldn't just kick her out.' Of course, the man is Sam, a.k.a. Mr. Married, a.k.a. Steven Weber.

["The next scene is a series of quick cuts of Judy and Sam really going at it in bed. I forget whether the cuts are intercut with BWudy commenting unnecessarily on the action, like, even if none of us had had sex before, we'd at least have watched enough TV that we know what it looks like. At one point, in the throes of passion, Judy (in-colour Judy) goes a bit wild with the flailing of her limbs and smacks Sam pretty hard in the face, which kind of breaks the mood, but they both laugh and she apologizes, because it was an accident.

["Then they're lying in bed...you know, chatting, and he says she looks beautiful and 'like [she's] twelve years old' which struck me as kind of an odd thing to say, though I think he just meant that she was so unguarded that she looked young. He says that he wants a childhood picture of her, and she refuses, but then says she'll give him one if he'll give her one of him. Then his pager goes off, and he sees that it's his wife calling, and he says he'll just let it go because as far as she (Mrs. Married) knows, he's working at the studio, and Judy admonishes him never to tell her (Judy) that he's working at the studio, and he promises that he won't, and then I think they may have started having some more sex.

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