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Let's Spend The Night Together

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Let's Spend The Night Together

Before the show starts, we're warned that this episode contains partial nudity. Since it's from the network that brought us NYPD Blue, I'm betting we'll see some naked male butt before the hour's out. And just so there's no confusion -- I'm not complaining.

B/W Lily opens the show by admitting that she has "no idea what [she's] doing." She audibly exhales through puffed cheeks. We cut to a frantic morning in the Manning kitchen, which is meant to illustrate the degree to which Lily is coming unglued. Lily tries to pack the kids' lunches while Grace ties up the phone with adolescent conversation and Zoe complains about everything Lily puts in her lunchbag. Lily repeatedly asks Grace to get off the phone and gets a lot of attitude in return. Finally, she explodes and mistakenly calls Grace "Zoe." In all her pubescent, smarty-pants glory, she informs her mother that her name is Grace. Yeah, thanks.

B/W Lily cuts in to clarify her earlier statement. Apparently she was not describing her morning with the girls. She says that she's forty, and the husband she's divorcing still comes and goes as if he lives there. In her estimation, "this is not an appropriate situation."

Jake takes his cue and barges in without knocking. He sweeps in like a conquering hero, and the volume doubles almost instantly as he booms merrily at the girls. Grace hangs up immediately upon seeing him, and the phone rings the instant it hits the base. The call is for Lily, and as she reaches for the phone, Grace snidely says, "I'll tell him to call back." "Him" being Rick, of course. Grace hovers around Lily, continuing in her established trend of being a pain in the ass. As Lily tries to talk to Rick, Grace attempts to eavesdrop and then interrupts to ask who it is. Because she's the only member of the household entitled to a life or privacy. Lily doesn't answer her, but orders her to "get to school, please." She looks across to Jake and snarks that "they're late every time [he] takes them" to school. Jake rounds up the kids and their lunches, and it feels as though there should be more than two of them with all this fuss. He can't leave without mocking Lily, though, so he scoops up Zoe, waves her hand up and down and says "Wave bye-bye mommy." Lily's got more interesting things to discuss, though, and turns her attention back to Rick, who's been waiting on the line. They compare schedules to see when they can get together, and it turns out to be five nights away. Rick thinks to ask what she's doing that night, and she reveals that she's free. Jake interrupts by popping back into the kitchen to get Zoe a new sandwich, since she's spontaneously decided that she no longer likes peanut butter. But it's not like she's spoiled or anything. Lily presses the phone to her chest and gapes at him, but Jake has no clue he's disrupting her life. "Hello?" Rick asks, puzzled by Lily's sudden disappearance.

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Once and Again




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