Once and Again

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Soliloquy Karen, still naked but now sitting with her back to us, turns to look over her shoulder. "Okay. Three things I love. One: Jessie's face."

Jessie asks if Karen needs anything. Karen tells Jessie to grab the pad by the bed and make a list of some CDs she wants next time Jessie's at the "music store." She rhymes off Ella Fitzgerald singing Harold Arlen, Carole King Tapestry...."

Soliloquy Karen laughs, "Number two: Jessie's face."

Karen adds one more title to the list: "Barbra Streisand's Christmas album -- the old one, not the new one." Jessie points out that it's not Christmas. Karen says she doesn't care; that's some of the music she likes. "You said you wanted to know," she adds, touching Jessie's arm. Jessie takes the page and stuffs it in her pocket, saying she'll be right back. Karen moves her head into a resting position, and Jessie pauses at the doorway: "Stay awake, okay?" Karen agrees to, even though it's a struggle.

Soliloquy Karen: "Number three...." She laughs and bites her lip, unable to get the words out.

Karen opens her eyes and stares at the door to her room. A few seconds later, Eli materializes looking rueful. He leans against the door frame and takes a deep breath. "Eli," Karen says, her voice achingly full of joy. "Hi," Eli says. Karen smiles.

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Once and Again




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