Once and Again

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Fade into Karen at the therapist's office; she's been telling Dr. Fudd about the blow-up with Eli. Apparently, she thinks the meds are causing her to behave in ways she wouldn't normally. Doc Fudd seems unconcerned. Karen waves her arms and leans forward, adding that she pulled a Tony in the store the other day, and asks if she should stay on the pills given these side effects. Fudd smiles indulgently and says, "You seem actually more animated and more present than I've ever seen you." Karen is surprised. The doc continues that her reaction was totally normal given that "this kid sounds like a total pain in the ass." Oh, is that your professional opinion, doctor? Karen laughs, relieved. The doc leans forward to emphasize his point: "These pills might make you dizzy, but they don't make you stupid. He smokes dope every day, he gets his ass fired and lies to you about it for three weeks. What are you supposed to do? Buy him a BMW?" Karen actually manages to laugh at the situation. Fudd asks how she's doing right now. Karen considers the question a moment and seems a little surprised that she's able to say she's doing okay. Fudd's glad to hear it, and gives her some homework. "Well, I was always good at that," Karen deadpans. Fudd tells her he wants her to think of three things that she's either looking forward to, that she wants, or that she loves. Every day. He tells her to fax him the first list that night. "Okay, but according to my ex-husband, I'm a very negative woman," Karen jokes. Looks like those little blue pills are ass-pole anesthesia. The doc won't let her deprecate herself, though. Earnestly, he tells her, "Karen, if you can laugh once, you can laugh again. It's just one stupid step after another." I'd like to stitch that on a pillow. Seriously. Karen asks what if it doesn't work. He points out that it already is: "In some weird way, it takes more courage to ask for help with this than it does to get through it. And here you are." Karen nods and smiles gratefully.

Fade into Jessie's attic room at the Manor. Katie fires up the CD player, and Billie Holiday's warm voice fills the room, singing "God Bless the Child." "You know what I love about Billie Holiday? She's enigmatic," Katie says. Jessie doesn't know what that means. Katie clarifies: "Mysterious. She makes you guess." Like another certain someone who's got the boards buzzing, hmm, Katie? Jessie says she likes Billie Holiday's singing. They listen intently for a few seconds, until Katie says, "I bet you could sing like her." Jessie blushes and oozes modesty all over her nice clean bedspread. Katie won't give up, though, and even sets the scene for Jessie, saying that it's "two in the morning, the lights are low, and the band starts to play." She gazes intensely up at Jessie from her seat on the floor. Jessie melts and starts singing. And proves Katie wrong. She can sing, but please. She's no Lady Day, and it seems almost irreligious to suggest it. Her voice is far, far too sweet. Anyway, Katie doesn't seem to notice, of course, but just sits back and watches Jessie with deep appreciation.

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Once and Again




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