Once and Again
Forgive Us Our Trespasses

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Forgive Us Our Trespasses

The episode opens in Judy's bedroom, where she's painting her toenails as a thunderstorm rages outside. A very familiar song plays in the background, but neither I nor Mr. Josh could name that tune. Sorry. Judy's startled when the phone rings. Like everyone else on television, she's got her machine programmed to pick up after, like, the second ring. Judy's chipper outgoing message is answered with a chilling silence. The caller exhales. The machine clicks off, and the camera focuses on Judy, who looks understandably disturbed. She jumps a little as thunder crashes, and glances down at her calf, where she's smeared red nail polish from her toe. It looks like a tiny, bloody nick.

We fade over to Lily's rain-streaked bedroom window, and the camera pans across her clock, which reads 11:43, to Lily's bed, where she's wide awake. She rolls over to find herself face-to-face with a wide-awake Rick. After establishing that neither of them can sleep, Rick suggestively growls, "What do you wanna do?"

Cut to the two of them raiding the kitchen. Wah wah. The Plucky Guitars accompany them to drive home the fact that it's funny they're eating instead of having crazy sex, like we expected they would. Except that we didn't expect that they would. Anyway, as Rick pulls a pint of Ben & Jerry's out of the freezer, he exclaims and looks up, asking, "What is that?" He flips on the light and they discover that Lily's got a leak in the ceiling above the fridge. Rick hops up on a ladder, which is conveniently propped next to him, to get a closer look at the water streaming in. Then he decides to poke at it, which even I know is a bad idea. The water pours down even harder. Lily grabs a pot to catch the water and complains that she doesn't have the money to fix it. Rick helpfully points out that they "don't have to solve it tonight." Lily grumbles that she'll never be able to sleep now, "between work...this..." The mention of work piques Rick's interest. He asks, "Is that -- is that jerk bothering you again?" Lily says that Graham's "been avoiding [her], thank god." She adds that she just feels very under-appreciated. She gripes, "I come up with this great idea about creating online families --" "Which you stole from your sister," Rick interjects. "Which I stole from my sister," Lily concedes. She complains that she practically had to beg Crusty to try it, and now the idea is a big success, and Crusty's taking all the credit. Oh, silly, naïve Lily. Welcome to the working world. My last boss has staked her very lucrative career on exactly that practice. But I'm not bitter. Much. Anymore. Lily passes Rick a couple of bottles of what appears to be Magic Shell. I convulse. I had this huge addiction to Magic Shell a few years ago, until I actually read the label and realized it is made almost entirely of oil products. My addiction ended shortly thereafter. Anyway, Rick says that Crusty still knows whose idea it is. Because that counts for a fat lot of nothing. He tries to shove a spoon into the ice cream, which produces a sound like someone pounding one heavy block of wood against another. Lily continues bitching about Crusty's ungrateful attitude, while Rick slams away at the very solid, very wooden ice cream. Dude, I think the Foley Artist went a little overboard on this one. If ice cream were hard enough to make that sound, you'd need a jackhammer to chisel through it. Rick hammers at it a few more times, mutters, "It's a good thing the Titanic didn't run into this thing," and gives up the battle. Lily takes over, still whining about work and how Graham is going after the wrong kind of corporate sponsorship, before she beats the ice cream in frustration. Rick takes back the spoon and manages to carve out a small chunk, which he generously pops into his own mouth. He deserves to get brain freeze for that. Lily announces that, from now on, she's just going to "cash her paycheck and go home." She's through being Crusty's "flunky."

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Once and Again




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