Once and Again
Feast Or Famine

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Mighty Big Props to Heathen for graciously covering my ass last week and doing such a brilliant job of it. I thank her in advance for the things I'm going to pillage from her recap.

We open with Rick in the Cave of Shadows that is his apartment, on the cordless with his mother. He's trying to convince her that she doesn't need to rent a car, but she's clearly being stubborn about it. Eli mutters to Rick that he's "not doing any yoga with her," which naturally prompts Rick to inform her that Eli can't wait to do some yoga with her. Har. The kids finish grabbing their stuff for school as Rick concludes the conversation by reluctantly conceding that she should go ahead and get the rental car, even though it means she'll miss the exit and get lost for hours when he's perfectly willing to pick her up. Rick wonders whether Jessie's had breakfast, and she reminds him that she never eats it. Eli assures Rick that Jessie won't starve, but Rick tries to palm off a banana on her. Jessie is disgusted. We follow the banana as it flies through the air and lands on the table with a rejected little thump.

From one fruit to another: the banana shot drifts into a close-up of Miles peering closely at a model and "hmmm"-ing to himself. "I search for a word..." he intones, pacing in front of the tiny structure. "Excitement...adrenal stimulation," he drones in his monotone. Miles wallows a little in his bloodthirsty businessman image, lecturing David and Rick on the "carnivorous nature of man," which people other than he seem determined to shun. He then lets them know that, despite the tiny crumbs of praise he tossed them, the building's still not quite there. It's got to be "just right" if he's to "make a last stand against the ravages of mortality in this edifice." What an ass. One of Miles's lackeys steps forward to help him on with his coat. David steps up to remind the little Napoleon that he still needs to make "a design payment or two." Miles assures them that it will be taken care of, and glances at his other lackey, who in turn glances into the leather-bound notebook she's holding and writes earnestly. Miles turns and begins to strut out, tossing over his shoulder that he'll be in touch soon about the next round of changes. Lackey #1 waits the prescribed amount of time, then falls in step behind him. Lackey #2 counts off the beats then follows suit. Man, they're creepy. They remind me of those chicks in that old Robert Palmer video and, thanks to them, that bloody song is now running relentlessly through my head. As Miles reaches the entrance, Lily strolls in past him. Miles again embraces his inner carnivore and turns to eye his prey appreciatively. If it were possible for him to actually generate liquid in that dried-out shell he calls a body, he'd probably be drooling. Rick points out that "that was Miles Drentell," as Lily walks up. She says she's wanted to meet him, to which David replies, "I'm sure you'll have plenty of chances." He doesn't sound happy about it.

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Once and Again




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