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Edifice Wrecked

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Edifice Wrecked

Lily rushes over to the "'-er' or '-or'" girl to find out why she needs to know how to spell "Atlantor." Lily asks her to scroll down a bit, so that she may see more of the article. The girl says that it's got to be quick, because she has to get the article "proofed" so that it can go online that night. Lily's surprised that it's going up so soon. The girl explains that it's "part of the Valentine's issue. [Crusty's] doing a whole thing on divorced couples from hell." Nice to see that Crusty's budding romance hasn't softened her at all. Speak of the devil -- there she is in the doorway of her office, calling Lily. "Okay, here's the continuity from last week," I think. Lily's going to get reamed for threatening Crusty and Graham, or there's going to be some kind of fall-out. But no -- Crusty just wants to explain to Lily why she didn't tell her about the article with Rick. Because Crusty always feels the need to justify things to her underlings. Anyway, she claims that she purposely didn't tell Lily because, that way, Lily could honestly tell Rick that she didn't know anything about it. Crusty was trying to protect Lily's relationship. Crusty then flaunts her fine news sense, saying, "Come on -- a divorced couple duking it out in public? Who wouldn't want to read about it? I mean, naturally I'm gonna get into it." I bet David Pecker over at The National Enquirer is quaking in his boots. Okay, I bet he isn't. I just think his name is funny. Crusty adds that she thinks the other two couples in the article come off a lot worse than Karen and Rick do. Lily doesn't look comforted. Crusty asks what's upsetting Lily more: that she described Lily's "boyfriend as having one of the more acrimonious divorces in Chicago" or "that paragraph [Crusty] threw in towards the end about [Rick's] terrible reputation." It's clear that Lily didn't know about the paragraph or Rick's terrible reputation. Lily's face falls. "Oh, Lily, please don't look so devastated!" Crusty pleads, "Please! I hate when you look devastated!" Except when Lily looks devastated because the driver of PagesAlive's gravy train can't keep his hands off her. Then she's just a pain in the ass. Lily apologizes, chews her lip, and looks down at her lap. "Oh, you're doing it again," Crusty whines. She tries to reassure Lily by saying, "So he's a Type A. So what? It's the type of piece that it is. The person comes off like this total nightmare. Like this one-dimensional, one-sided...But it's only because you're presenting one side." Lily asks why not present all sides, then. Oh, she's so naïve, isn't she? Crusty's not really sure what to make of the question. She stares hard at Lily and asks, "You're kidding, right?"

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Once and Again




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