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Edifice Wrecked

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Edifice Wrecked

When everyone leaves, Grace immediately launches into a defensive explanation of her article, but Eli's not interested in that. There are larger issues looming: Wannabe's Valentine's Day present, for instance. Eli says that there's a pair of earring that he knows Wannabe really wants, but he wrote a song for her. He asks Grace which one she thinks he should give Wannabe. Grace is deflated. She thinks for a second and blurts, "Uh, song," while flapping her arms in a "whatever" gesture. Eli smiles and says yeah, that's what he thought.

Wannabe comes flying back into the room, saying that they "should go there." Eli doesn't know what she's talking about. Apparently, Wannabe feels she needs to stand on the furniture -- in her shoes, I might add -- to get her point across. She's talking about the shelter. Eli grabs her around the waist and swings her off the chair. She keeps trying to convince him why they should go to the shelter, but he's too busy tickling her to think about it. Grace's wheels are turning, though.

Meanwhile, over at PagesAlive.com, Lily is yammering into her headset. "Are you serious? He didn't even mention it?" she asks. Rick says no. She glances over her shoulder toward Crusty's office and whispers that, yesterday, they "ran into him," and this morning, she saw them sitting together, talking. Rick repeats that David didn't mention anything, and Lily thinks that's very odd. Rick thinks maybe it slipped David's mind because they "got served last night." "Served what?" Lily asks. Rick clarifies that he's not talking restaurants, and Lily clicks. Rick still feels the need to exposit, "As in injunction. As in Karen. Shutting us down." Lily feels terrible for him. At that very moment, one of the editors yells out a question: "'Atlantor' -- is it '-or' or '-er'?" Because she works at an online magazine and obviously hasn't heard of Google or, say, any of the Chicago dailies' websites, or, oh I don't know, the Atlantor company website. I know, I know, somebody had to alert Lily to the fact that they're doing an article on Rick's project. ["It bugged me, too; that's not how you fact-check. No wonder PagesAlive is going under." -- Wing Chun] Anyway, Lily is distracted because she knows the answer, but she can't just yell it out while Rick's complaining in her ear about "what a big mess" everything is. Rick gets distracted when David strides by, glaring at him. He whispers that he'll have to call Lily back. "Yeah, me too," she answers.

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Once and Again




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