Once and Again
Edifice Wrecked

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Edifice Wrecked

Cut to Jessie at Rick's place, where she's bouncing a tennis ball off his front door. Grace and Wannabe knock and enter, giving her a warm hello. Well, that's nice to see. Jessie rushes to keen to Eli that Rick wouldn't want all these people here while he's out, and we see that there's a third party with the girls: Spencer Lewicki. Wannabe walks into the living room, having overheard Jessie's protests, and says that they're there for "research purposes." Grace protests, but Wannabe insists that it's true. Eli notices Spencer in the kitchen raiding the fridge and sniffing at something he's found. Eli asks who he is. "Just this person," Grace says distastefully. "He's not really going to be staying." Eli menaces us with his guitar, but before he can start playing, Wannabe chirps that Grace is writing an "expos&eacute" on A Better Place for the school paper. "What about it?" Jessie asks with a broad smile. "How it's being torn down by money-hungry white males," Wannabe supplies. Oh, boy.

Spencer comes tripping in, wholly absorbed in devouring whatever he found in the fridge -- a pizza pocket? Eli informs Mr. Social Graces that he was saving the unidentifiable foodstuff for later. Just send Wannabe to the grocery store to steal you a few more, crybaby. Spencer apologizes and tosses the remainder of the thing onto the coffee table. Grace looks disgusted. "You think our father is money-hungry?" Jessie asks Wannabe. Eli mutters that he doesn't know anything about A Better Place, anyway. "I always forget how brainwashed you are," Wannabe condescends from somewhere high atop her gilded mount of enlightenment. Jessie asks why Wannabe thinks Eli is brainwashed. Before she can answer, Spencer weighs in, saying, "So, you'll go to a mall, but white males shouldn't build it." "Why are you here?" is Wannabe's reasoned response. "Who do you think created civilization?" Spencer asks. "You?" Eli "quips." Um, just play your guitar, would you? Spencer answers his own question: "Males! Men!" Spencer mutters that "progress isn't evil," while Wannabe informs Eli that he has "to form an opinion about this." Almost at the same time, Eli and Jessie say that he doesn't. Grace, meanwhile, has taken up the debate with Spencer, saying, "You call what they're doing 'progress'?" Spencer hops out of his seat, emphatically saying, "Yes!" For some reason, he's still talking around a mouthful of food. What is he, a squirrel? Chew and swallow, boy. It's very simple. Anyway, he argues that "tearing down old building so that new ones can be built is how all cities are formed." Grace looks disgusted (and I'm pretty sure it's by his viewpoint, rather than the mouthful of cud he's working on). He turns and makes an impassioned pitch to Eli and Wannabe, saying that "everything we depend on -- expressways, and hospitals, Wrigley Field! -- they're there because men tore something down and built them!" He's met with silence. Wannabe works her gum and looks unimpressed. Eli clutches his guitar and looks...well, like he doesn't know how he should look. He looks to Wannabe for a clue. Grace is steaming. She can't even close her mouth, she's so furious. Spencer does the smart thing and sits down, asking Jessie, "So, this is your dad's place?" Eli asks everyone to leave for a second, and Grace heads for the door. He adds that he needs to talk to Grace. She stops like she just got a dart in the ass.

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Once and Again




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