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Edifice Wrecked

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Edifice Wrecked

After commercials, we find Lily at the same store where Crusty and David met. Apparently, it's a diner that sells cards. Okay. Glancing around, Lily notices Crusty and David huddled in a booth, sharing a muffin. What is it with muffins and sexual overtones on this show? I'm going to start having a Pavlovian reaction every time I go into Tim Hortons, for crying out loud. I could get arrested. Lily does an abrupt about-face, looking stricken. Then she takes another look, just to make sure that her eyes aren't deceiving her. Realizing that the Four Horsemen must be galloping around the corner about now, she hightails it out of there.

Cut to Karen's office, where she's on the phone saying, "The good news is, we got the injunction. The bad news is, we're building our house on sand." An architectural metaphor. See what she did there? Jessie is in the background, sharing the couch with Karen's assistant, Sange, who's in the process of eating a banana. Jessie takes a close look at the fruit and leans in, saying, "I guess I kind of do like bananas." He asks if she's seen "those miniature bananas" and breaks off a piece of his for her. You know, if you read that sentence out of context, it could really make your head spin. We cut between their inane conversation and Karen's very weighty phone conversation, and get the distinct impression that Karen does not feel confident that she'll be successful in the courtroom, and that she doesn't appreciate all the vocal fruit loving while she's trying to focus. Suddenly, Rick looms in the doorway saying, "Jess, let's go." Karen hangs up and says, "Hi." Rick just looks at her, tight-lipped. She tells him to hang on; she's got Rosenfeld's bill, she just has to find it. He presses his lips together in the universal gesture of unfriendly friendliness. Sange smiles around his banana at Rick -- is he coming onto him, or what? -- but Rick just ignores him and tries to hurry along. Karen glances toward the office from a small filing cubbyhole, where she's searching for the bill. Rick practically yanks Jessie out of the office, and Karen pleads for him to wait. He quietly tells Sange to tell Karen to mail him the bill. Jessie shares a helpless look with Sange and calls a good-bye to Karen, who's still hunched over the files. Karen stares at their backs with speechless surprise, and then catches Sange spying on her reaction. I'm not sure how Karen reacts to this, because my stupid ABC affiliate decided it would be a good idea to plaster an enormous station logo with the time and temperature over her face. So all I can tell you is that at 10:15 PM on Valentine's Day, it was 31° in Buffalo.

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Once and Again




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