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Edifice Wrecked

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Edifice Wrecked

We cut to Rick, settled comfortably on the Soliloquy Stool, reminiscing about the first days of his partnership with David. He gets out the words, "When we first started out, I was --" before David interrupts, "I was taller than him back then." The spotlight expands to reveal David seated next to Rick. Rick laughs a little, then finishes what he was going to say: "I was a total wreck." David disagrees. Rick repeats that he was a total wreck. David disagrees again. Rick turns to him, saying, "Are you kidding? I was. I lived in fear." David: "No. Not really." After thinking it over for a half-second, however, he concedes, "Oh. Yeah. I guess you were." They both chuckle, and David turns and looks disarmingly into the camera.

Back at the office, the atmosphere is decidedly less chummy. Rick glances over at David, working at his desk, and he voice-overs, "I'd look at David, and he was always...uh..." We cut back to Soliloquy Rick, who continues, "He never seemed to notice how close we were -- you know, this close [holds up his hand with thumb and forefinger a smidgen apart] -- to total, abject failure." The camera swings over for David's reaction. "I knew we'd succeed," he says. Back to Rick, who adds, "And I thought, 'Well, he must know. He must know something.'" David says, "I knew it because...I knew him." Aww, old married couples are cute, aren't they? David once again stares disarmingly into the camera. He's grown on me, I have to admit.

Office. Rick glances at David again, then down at the newspaper. As he picks it up, the Strings of Impending Trauma swell. Rick folds the paper in half, then tosses it carelessly to the side of his desk. Into a trash can, from the sound of it. This, of course, gets David's attention. He looks up from his keyboard long enough to shoot Rick a disillusioned glance, then goes back to work.

Apparently, time passes. We know this because, even though we're still at the office, we're now following a cleaning lady as she drags an enormous garbage can behind her. She shuffles past the area where Rick and David are now seated together, talking about personal stuff. "What did you get her last year?" David asks. "Cricket," Rick answers. "Oh, right. Brilliant," David deadpans. "Exactly," Rick sighs, trudging over to David's desk. "But I can't keep showering her with insects." David says that the cricket was one of his best ideas. That was David's idea? Who knew? Did I mention that he's growing on me? Steadily? Rick counters that it wasn't David's idea, to which David responds that he was the one who explained the significance behind the cricket. Rick argues that David explained the significance, but he didn't tell Rick to get Lily one. "Of course not. It's a ridiculous gift," David answers. He gestures toward the plans on his desk and says, "They're doing this on the cheap, you know." Rick says that he'll talk to Ralph about it. David says that Rick won't, since he hasn't even read the article in the paper. They're interrupted by a young girl who enters, shuffling a couple of envelopes and uncertainly saying their names. David corrects her pronunciation of his name, but she's not too concerned, since her job there is now done: they've been served. Dun-dun-duunnn! She tells them that the hearing is set for the fourteenth, and David calmly jokes, "Wow, and we didn't get you anything." He coolly pulls his notice out of the envelope, while Rick puts on his bewildered face and stares after the girl. David reads that it's an injunction to stop construction by order of the court. "Happy Valentine's Day," he says. See, I told you old married couples are cute.

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Once and Again




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