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Edifice Wrecked

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Edifice Wrecked

Cut to boxes of propaganda materials: buttons, bumper stickers, flyers, etc. The camera pans over the stuff, following the sound of Karen's voice as she sighs and says that she's glad they got everything printed in time for the demonstration. She hands several boxes to a woman wearing something akin to a raspberry fedora. Raspberry Fedora thanks her and says that she'll be back to pick up the rest tomorrow. Jessie comes in the front door, followed by Rick. Karen thanks him "so much" for picking Jessie up, and says that she "just got so busy." Rick closes the door somewhat on the forceful side and surveys the picket signs and other anti-Atlantor stuff. He chooses not to comment, but instead asks Karen for Rosenfeld's (that's Dr. Wise-Ass) last bill. Karen goes off in search of it. The camera zooms in on Rick's face as he surveys the goods without Karen in the room. His expression clouds.

Jessie follows Karen to the dining room and asks if there's going to be "another one of those meetings" there. Karen says there will be the next night. Jessie says that it's kind of hard to study with all the people in the house. Rick says that Jessie can come to his place. Jessie asks Karen whether it's okay, and Karen hesitantly points out that Rick would have to "pick [Jessie] up at [Karen's] office," adding that it's not a problem for her, if Rick's okay with it. He is. Jessie says goodbye and heads upstairs, and Rick uncomfortably glances around. He's about to tell Karen that he's got to go, when her pager beeps. We get a close-up of the display screen, which says, "Hearing set for fourteenth." "Valentine's Day," she says softly. "Excuse me?" Rick asks. Karen looks up, realizing that she spoke out loud. She says that she was just thinking out loud, and Rick says he has to get back to the office so...Karen tells him to wait, and then asks whether he'd like to have Valentine's Day to himself, since he'll be taking the kids for an unscheduled day to help her out. "Yeeeah," Rick says cautiously, then catches himself sounding paranoid and asserts, "Yeah. Yeah I would." It would strike me as a generous move, if Karen didn't already know that Rick's ass will be sitting in court along with hers on Valentine's Day. Rick heads out, but not before taking another good long look at the opposition's war chest. And, yes, I mean the stuff piled up in Karen's living room. Perverts.

Back at his dim office -- seriously, can't two architects afford a couple of lamps and some light bulbs? -- Rick surveys the newspaper article David showed him earlier. Incidentally, it made the front page of the city section.

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Once and Again




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