Once and Again
Edifice Wrecked

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Edifice Wrecked

Cut to an assortment of red and pink paper, Elmer's glue, and other arty-crafty crap spread over the Mannings' kitchen table. Grace, Wannabe, and Zoe are busily constructing valentines as Lily bounces through the back door with groceries. "Oh my goodness! You're making valentines!" she sing-songs, beaming brightly. Grace warns her, "Don't be thrilled, or we'll stop." Lily removes her coat and approaches them at the table, happily noting that they "put newspaper down and everything!" Wannabe shoots Grace a look. Lily cheeks, "Grace, who's your valentine for?" Wannabe starts spouting that they shouldn't even be the ones doing this: "The entire point of Valentine's Day is for men to admit how much they want us." You know, for once, I like where this girl is coming from. Mr. Josh, if you're reading this, make a special note of that, would you? Lily, however, looks unimpressed by Wannabe's proclamation and snides, "That's quite a theory." Wannabe is undeterred. "It's a fact. Valentine's Day should be about worship. Like, bow down and worship at mah feet 'cause you know you want to," Wannabe hams. She and Grace laugh while Lily casts them a disapproving look. Oh, please. Little close to home, there Lily?

Zoe hunches over the table and concentrates on a sheet of the newsprint, asking, "Isn't Rick's last name Sammler?" Grace wants to see why Rick is mentioned in the paper. "What's 'Atlantor'?" Zoe asks, scrunching up her nose. Lily explains that it's the name of the corporation...and Wannabe pipes up over her to ask, "Isn't he mowing down, like, an entire neighborhood?" Lily frowns at her and snaps the tops off a bunch of carrots. I feel you, girlfriend. Grace asks, "What's 'A Better Place'?" Wannabe says that she knows somebody who stayed there when her grandmother threw her out for being a lesbian. Lily declares that she's going to make a valentine. Grace remains fixated on the article, saying that it says all the people in the neighborhood pitched in to fix up the shelter; Wannabe chimes in that her friend would have killed herself if it weren't for A Better Place. Disturbed by all this ugly talk, Zoe looks up from her valentine, sighs, and rolls her eyes like a princess in training. Wannabe continues with her public service announcement, explaining that the shelter distributes clean needles. Zoe interrupts to ask why people would want clean needles. Lily's about to intervene and explain it in nice small words, but Zoe interrupts again with, "Oh, right. Heroin." Lily stares at her, then casts an agitated glance in Grace's direction, as Grace gripes, "And they're tearing this place down just to build Rick's building?" Lily quietly states, "It's not Rick's fault." Grace wants to know whose fault it is, then. Zoe turns and waits for Lily's reaction. Lily opens her mouth a couple of times, but nothing comes out. Wannabe condescends that Lily has to say that since she's dating Rick. Lily straightens her back and looks like Wannabe just bent over and talked out her ass. "Continued on page twenty-seven," Grace says to herself, then starts rifling around the table for the page in question. Zoe shoves Grace's arms out of the way and whines, "Mom!"

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Once and Again




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