Once and Again
Edifice Wrecked

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Edifice Wrecked

The kettle whistles, saving Lily from answering. She moves to the counter behind Rick and looks down at the ring again. She looks thoughtful a moment before asking, "Rick, what happened at the hearing?" Dully, he says they won. After a moment, he quietly adds that David quit. Lily tilts her head to the side in a sudden fit of understanding. "Rick, please don't ask me to marry you like this." "In a kitchen?" he halfheartedly quips. "I'm serious," she insists. "And I'm not serious?" he counters, his voice squeaky with tears. Lily thinks for a moment how best to say what needs to be said. "I want you to want to marry me because you want to spend your life with me," she says, smiling at the thought. "Not because you're scared. Of being alone." "I'm not scared to be alone," Rick says, sounding like he's aged a hundred years. "I am alone," he adds. Lily rolls her eyes a little and moves to him, hugging him from behind. She whispers that she loves him, and then says, "But this just seems...soon to me." Still thinking of being alone, Rick insists, "I'm not scared of it at all. I'm used to it." He seems to have discovered something. He takes the ring box, turns it over in his fingers, and then opens it. He sets it on the table on top of Lily's card saying, "There was no St. Valentine. It's all made up." He stands and moves to the door. Lily calls to remind him about his turtle, which he left on the counter. She wipes a tear then turns around and asks if it's really from the sixteenth century. "So I'm told," he says. "And it brings you luck," she says, moving toward him. "Not tonight," he answers sadly. She rests her head against his chest and he puts his arms around her. She looks at the turtle and murmurs, "It must've cost a lot." He close his hand around the figure and sighs, "Too much." He slowly pulls away, and walks out the door. Lily fights more tears, turns to look back at the ring on the table, then heads upstairs to bed. Well, that will make a nice surprise for the kids in the morning, won't it?

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Once and Again




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