Once and Again
Edifice Wrecked

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Edifice Wrecked

Lily and Crusty, meanwhile, are scanning racks of Valentine's Day cards. My, they're awfully chummy, given the scene that went down last time we saw them. Maybe ABC or whoever's in charge should stop playing eeny-meeny-miney-moe when it comes to ordering the episodes? Anyway, Lily mutters that Rick's "been working really hard. I should get him something really nice for Valentine's Day. But what?" Crusty contemptuously thumbs thought the cards, her bottom lip protruding as she pouts, "You know, I'm not lonely enough -- I need to have an entire day set aside to remind me of my loneliness." Yeah, that's right, Crusty. Way back when the card companies and marketing departments sat down and dreamed up this stupid sham of a holiday, they had your personal torture in mind. Suck it up, baby. You're not the only one who's alone. Witness the lonely souls I encountered wandering aimlessly through the grocery store on the big day, averting their eyes as they shuffled along, trying to make it look like they were shopping for two. Then again, I think we've all been in Crusty's shoes, and when you're alone, it does in fact seem like the rest of the world is conspiring to rub your nose in it and make you feel like a freak. Anyway, just as Crusty's whining about her single status, David walks toward the door past the card rack and spots Lily. He comes over to say hello, and Crusty asks, "David -- Rick's David?" "I'm my own David, thank you very much," he answers with a curt half smile. Lily introduces Crusty, who busts out, "We've met." David looks blank. Crusty insists that they met at Booklovers, and David insists that he'd remember if they had, implying that he wouldn't forget someone as foxy as Crusty. Which is certainly a different tune than he was singing that night. Anyway, Crusty bristles, "Well, obviously you don't." David rapidly blinks several times, and their eyes lock. Lily, sensing the disturbance in The Force, decides the safest course of action is to get the hell out of there, and announces that she's going to get some bagels. Crusty takes a few steps toward David and replaces a card on the rack as David says, "I remember you now. I found you annoying." She doesn't flinch, but proudly claims, "I am annoying." You know, there are some rare moments when I just adore Crusty. Without pausing, she declares that she found him pretentious. "Can I have your number?" David immediately asks. Crusty hands David her business card and facetiously warns him, "Never. Call." He informs her that that's the plan. Love is in the air...and my heart is somewhere near my throat. Crusty and David? Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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Once and Again




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