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Edifice Wrecked

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Edifice Wrecked

Cut to Rick's office, where David is packing up the stuff on his desk. From his drafting table, Rick asks whether everyone has been told. David says that they have. Rick stands and walks over to David's desk, asking, "Wanna hear something funny?" David says that he does, so Rick tells him, "Lily thought you were interested in Christy." David looks up sharply. Okay, Rick. That bonding moment you're going for? You just stepped all over it. And you had dog doody on your shoe when you did. "I am," David says flatly. Rick lamely says, "Oh? Good." There's an awkward silence (lots of those tonight, aren't there?), and finally Rick breaks it with, "David..." David leaps in and jokes, "You know, we probably never should have gotten married in the first place." It sinks in for a second, then Rick laughs a little. David does too. Then David adds, "Well, the sex was great." He picks up the newspaper with the article that caused so many problems and hands it to Rick. It's a make-or-break moment as he waits for Rick to take it. Rick stares at it then back at David. "What can I say to make you change your mind?" Rick asks softly. "Nothing," David answers. Rick finally takes the newspaper and folds it in half. They slowly hug one another. David clears his throat, presses the lid onto the final box of stuff, then walks out. Rick watches sadly, flicking the newspaper helplessly with his fingers.

Back to the David and Rick Soliloquy, still in progress. Rick says, "We left out the other reason you have a partner. So you have someone to blame when things go wrong." "Exactly," David says. They burst out laughing. Rick claps him on the shoulder. Now I feel sad. I'm going to miss David and his sexist deadpan. I hope these crazy kids find a way to work it out.

The camera sweeps in around Rick's desk, which is bathed in a pool of light in the darkened office. Rick's sitting at the desk, reading the article. We're back where we were at the beginning of the episode. Full circle, as they say. Rick glances from the paper to the turtle on his desk then back at the paper. The Drums of Turning Point thunder in the background.

The phone next to Lily's bed rings. Her alarm clock lets us know it's 1:59 AM. "Hello?" Lily husks groggily.

Quick cut to Lily padding into the kitchen in her bathrobe. Rick is right behind her. She asks if he's hungry and then yawns widely. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the turtle. She mistakenly thinks it's her Valentine's Day present, saying "Oh god! I have something for you too!" and rushes to the table to grab her home-made valentine. Rick starts to say that the turtle's not a gift, but Lily cuts him off, saying that she hasn't had a chance to finish her card yet. Rick looks down at the turtle and says, "This is just supposed to bring good luck." He mutters a bit about its history as he places it on the counter and then reaches into his other coat pocket. "This is what I really wanted to um..." he says whisper-quiet as he pulls out a ring box. I fall off the couch. Lily's face registers shock and a little dismay as she realizes what the box represents. Rick says they can still pretend it's Valentine's Day. Rick hands her the little box, and Lily looks alarmed. She points at it and asks, "Rick, is this...?" Her eyes pop as she forces out the next question, "Are you..?" He smiles a little and tells her to open it. She backs up a few steps, leans against the table, and pops open the lid. She looks at the box's contents with awe. Rick explains that he bought it "this afternoon, after uh..." Lily looks up and breathes, "It's beautiful." Well, it's pretty damn big, that's for sure. Rick says she can "bring it back if it doesn't fit or just...or just..." She finally smiles, and her voice is thick with tears as she repeats, "It's beautiful. I would never choose another one." Rick is relieved. I beg the television gods not to let this happen -- they can't get married! For once, the television gods are listening. Lily looks at the ring again. Rick opens his arms wide and says, "This is where you throw your arms around me." She doesn't move, but looks up and says, "Yeah, I know." She shakes her head a little and lets out a deep breath. She says, "I mean, I wish I could just..." Rick looks sad and lets his arms drop. Lily struggles to get some words out. "There's a part of me that just, um...what about this whole problem with Grace?" she asks, wiping at a tear. Rick widens his eyes and shakes his head eagerly, thinking that a resolution is at hand. "What problem?" he asks, sitting next to her. "I think Grace has a problem with me, which is why this is exactly --" "And how is getting married --" "Which is why this exactly what we all need." Lily's listening. Rick explains, "It will show her that I am really here, and that you and I are really --" "But we haven't even figured out --" Lily protests. Rick insists, "Lil, this is how we figure it out. And after this is settled, Grace won't have this problem anymore." Of course not; fairy tales always have happy endings. I think Rick did nip into the Valium bottle, after all. "Wait, what problem?" Lily asks. He cites the problem of Grace not respecting him, not accepting that he is an important part of Lily's life. The pressure is starting to get to Rick. With a forced chuckle, he chokes out, "Lil, why are you making this so hard?"

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Once and Again




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