Once and Again
Edifice Wrecked

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Edifice Wrecked

The bailiff orders everyone to rise again as the judge enters the courtroom. Miles passes off his turtle to Rick as if it's a chunk of hash, muttering, "Take this," and keeping his hands low and his eyes averted. "For luck," Miles adds. Rick studies his face, no doubt shocked that Miles would ever suggest needing luck. As soon as the judge begins speaking, it's apparent that the case is going to move in Atlantor's favor. The judge claims that the court has determined the building is not, in fact, a historic landmark, and that she cannot uphold an unwritten contract since she's not a "mind reader." Bang goes the gavel, and that's it. Karen is deflated. Rick stares at her again, as the people in the courtroom rise, and Miles and the lawyer offer a round of congratulations. Karen finally glances in his direction as she bends to retrieve her briefcase, but her look is cursory and without warmth or recognition. She glances over again as Rick starts to move toward her in the aisle, but she makes it clear she doesn't want to have any contact with him. Miles inadvertently gets in Rick's way, congratulating him. Rick is obviously distracted.

Cut to Karen's office, where Rick is tentatively pushing open the door. Jessie rounds a corner and is surprised to see Rick poking his head around Karen's door. Jessie tells him "they're all in the conference room, so..." She offers him congratulations. "Why?" he asks. She turns and smiles at him with a pointed look. "Oh! Right," he says. He gestures toward her Better Place t-shirt and asks if Karen gave it to her. "Oh, you know, mom would never..." Jessie says uncomfortably. Rick hangs his head and apologizes. Jessie explains that she wanted to wear it as a show of support for Karen, who doesn't have anybody the way Rick does. Karen comes in to tell Jessie that Sange is leaving if she wants to say goodbye. Karen stops dead when she sees Rick perched on the edge of her desk. He stands and looks like he's going to say hello. She just blows past him and continues talking to Jessie. Jessie leaves, and Rick says that he could have driven Jessie home. "Rick, why are you here?" Karen asks, edgy. He looks at her without saying anything. She asks him to stop looking at her like that. "Like what?" he asks. She tells him that she doesn't need his "sympathy or to hear how sorry [he is]." Rick looks down like he's swallowing some words as Karen says, "You got lucky. That's all. This isn't over." He raises his eyes and looks at her for a few seconds before saying, "I am here...because you were excellent in there today." Karen's face softens. "And...I just wanted to say that," he adds softly. They look at each other across the great divide, and look like there are a lot of things they need to say, but neither one speaks. Rick turns and leaves. Karen stares after him.

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Once and Again




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