Once and Again
Edifice Wrecked

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Edifice Wrecked

After commercials, we follow Lily to her door as the bell rings. It's Rick, returning her wild child. Grace blows past Lily, her chin jutting out defiantly, and whips her knapsack onto the bench. She runs up the stairs, fiercely unbuttoning her coat, and throws it down onto the bench. Ah, there's nothing like a self-righteous, wound-up sixteen-year-old to make you thank god for birth control, is there? Lily just watches the little tantrum, turns to Rick, and says that she has to turn down her soup. He follows her to the kitchen. "You realize what this is, don't you?" he asks. She says she doesn't. He proclaims it "the perfect way for [Grace] to get back at [him]." Lily says that she thinks it's more than that. Rick asks what she means. Lily leans over the sink and starts brutalizing a carrot with a peeler, saying that Grace has "strong feelings about this, obviously." Rick asks why Lily thinks that is, and implies that he's the reason. Oh, get over yourself. Lily says that Grace had a right to be there, that's all. Rick tries to get Grace in trouble by wheedling that Grace didn't tell Lily the truth about where she was. Lily angrily turns from the sink and says that's between her and Grace. She looks at the now super-skinny carrot and tosses it on the counter, realizing that she's just destroying it. They're silent for a minute. She asks if she can get him something, and Rick's face softens as he shakes his head. She wearily suggests that maybe he should just go. He turns wordlessly, picks up his jacket, and pauses when Lily says she'll call him tomorrow. He just looks at her and then walks out.

We enter the hearing the next morning as Atlantor's lawyer makes his summation to the judge. The judge then asks to hear rebuttal from "counsel for A Better Place." Karen steps up to the podium and starts in on the dangers of "embracing" too much change. We pan over to Rick, who watches her with a slightly glazed expression. The sound starts to fade out on her speech, so I guess we're in on it as Rick's attention lapses and he concentrates on staring at her in action. The sound fades back in as she begins to wrap up, saying, "These people had a contract, your honor. It was a done deal." She gestures toward the defense table, and the Better Place supporters turn a disapproving eye toward Rick and company. Karen claims that "it would be unconscionable to allow [Atlantor] to profit by representing otherwise." She urges the court to "render true justice." The judge calls a fifteen-minute recess. As everyone rises, Rick looks toward Karen. He keeps looking at her even after they've sat down again. She never turns her eyes his way, even when she turns around to reassure one of the people sitting behind her. Rick glances at the wall clock, which ticks ticks ticks and lets us know that time is passing.

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Once and Again




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