Once and Again
Edifice Wrecked

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Edifice Wrecked

Cut to the picket line again. The protesters have switched back to "No more Atlantor!" These people are really starting to get on my nerves. Rick makes his way from the trailer, pulling on his gloves and ducking his head. As he reaches the gate, Grace happens to be walking the picket line right in front of him. He's stunned to see her. He asks what she's doing there, his voice a mixture of anger, shock, and hurt. "What am I doing here?" she asks, stepping out of the line. He asks whether Lily knows she's there. "Not exactly," Grace answers. Rick really looks like he's about to have a seizure now, or possibly a stroke. He contorts his face trying to force out some words, and finally pushes out, with great effort, "I'll give you a ride home." Grace says that she'll take the bus. He starts to protest and is interrupted by his cell phone. It's Lily. Grace uses this distraction to slip back into the picket line. Lily can hear the chanting in the background and asks Rick where he is. He snitches, "Lily! Lily! Do you know where Grace is?" She answers that Grace is at Wannabe's house. "No she's not! She's right in front of me -- protesting!" Rick manages to combine tattling and outrage, which is pretty impressive. Lily is bewildered. "What? She's protesting against...against...?" ME!" Rick shouts. "She's protesting against me!" Dude, she's protesting a building development. I think Rick needs a nice lavender bubble bath or maybe a couple dozen Valiums. Lily informs him that he's shouting and asks him to lower his voice. Rick struggles to get himself under control, looking and sounding like he's about to bawl and come totally unhinged at any moment. He snits that he offered Grace a ride home, and she refused. Lily asks to speak to Grace. Rick bellows to Grace, who ignores him at first, but after the second or third enraged "Grace!" she stops and shouts, "You can't order me around! You're not my father!" He yells that he realizes that. Raspberry Fedora stops protectively next to Grace and butts in, shouting, "Leave her alone!" Lady, you've got enough to worry about -- like that monstrosity on your head -- without getting into this. Grace reluctantly comes over when Rick holds out the phone and says that her mother wants to talk to her. She grabs the phone from his hand, glowering, while Rick dazedly watches the demonstrators march past, waving their fists in his face and shouting at him. His expression quickly changes to one of unadulterated anger. Rick looks like he could shove a sign or two down someone's throat. Huh. Who knew?

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Once and Again




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