Once and Again
Edifice Wrecked

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Edifice Wrecked

Karen, meanwhile, is fighting the fight from her office, where she's glumly looking over some notes. Sange tries to offer her a snack, which she refuses. She hopelessly shakes the notes and announces that she has nothing, and "they're gonna eat me alive." Sange says that he spoke with the Better Place people this morning, and that they're in shock. He mentions that someone kept repeating to herself, "How can this be? We were supposed to buy the building. They'd agreed." Well, isn't that convenient. Karen agrees. She perks up, asking, "They had an agreement? They had an oral agreement to purchase the building?" Sange chomps on a carrot stick and nods. He says that everyone knew. Karen lets out a happy sigh, grabs a legal pad, and tells him to start from the beginning.

Over at the building site, the war against Da Man rages on. Wannabe surveys the scene and then strolls back to Eli, complaining that she thought it would be more fun. He gives her a squeeze. She asks whether he's "lost all respect for [his] father." He answers, "I have respect for my father, okay? If I were an architect, and someone offered me tons of money to design something to take the place of all this, I'd do it in a heartbeat. And you would, too." For once, Wannabe has nothing to say. She just stares at him skeptically with her mouth hanging open, as usual. Oh, and she did actually change her pants for this episode, which is nice. Eli wants to get out of there. They spot Grace on the corner, across the street, talking to another group of people. Wannabe shouts over the din of traffic and construction to tell Grace that they're leaving, and that she should come. Grace insists that she wants to stay. Wannabe is reluctant to leave her there alone, but Eli wants to get the hell out of there, and the bus is about to leave, so he tugs Wannabe up the steps. Grace the ace reporter resumes her interviews.

Lily's busy at her desk at PagesAlive. If working on her valentine for Rick counts as "busy," I guess. She opens it, stares at the blank expanse inside, and grabs a fat black marker. See, that's a smart way to fill the space. Write with the thickest instrument you can find. "Dear Rick," she scrawls. And stops. And stares. I know how she feels. I hate writing cards. Although, I suppose in this case, her block is meant to suggest major relationship trouble. She puts her head in her hand and lets the marker hang over the page, just in case she's struck by sudden inspiration. She should just relax. We can't all be Hallmark, now, can we? And that's a good thing.

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Once and Again




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