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Edifice Wrecked

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Edifice Wrecked

Cut to Judy at the bookstore, passing the PagesAlive article back to Lily and commenting, "It's not that bad." She adds, "I mean, so he's insanely ambitious. So what?" Lily takes the pages and paces a few steps, whining, "He comes off like he has no conscience!" Judy tries to reason with her: "Who cares how he comes off? You know he has a conscience." She pauses. "Somewhere." Another pause. "Probably." Lily makes her exasperated face. She turns to demand, "So you don't trust him?" Judy counters, "Do you? That's what matters." Lily looks thoughtful and doesn't answer. Judy changes the subject, asking what Lily and Rick are doing for Valentine's Day. Lily says they're probably doing nothing, and gripes, "He's been so busy." Judy occupies herself with breaking off strips of scotch tape for the Valentine's Day decorations she's hanging. Lily says that she made Rick a valentine. "Of course, I kind of left it blank." She starts to say that she has to figure out what to write, but then stops herself to change course mid-sentence. "You know, it's not that I don't trust him. It's just...Okay, I don't trust him. Because every time I think I can, something happens. Or I'll hear about something that makes me wonder." She admits that she doesn't trust herself to know whether to trust him or not: "Let's face it, I trusted Jake." Well, she's got a point there. But I'm wondering to what she's referring when she says she heard things and things happened to cause her trust to waver. She's the one who slept with her ex, after all. All Rick did was get loaded at Thanksgiving. Oh, and snoop through his ex-wife's briefcase. Okay, so there's that. Judy doesn't say anything, but just carries on hanging a red foil banner, and looking really great in her black leather pants.

Cut to a big yellow banner that says "Stop Atlantor!" in Spanish. The camera pans from the fluttering sign along a mural-covered brick wall to Wannabe and Eli staging their own little demonstration. A demonstration of nauseating schmoopy teen love. They're making out on the curb. Way to be all into the cause, there, Wannabe. You're really going to save the shelter by probing your boyfriend's tonsils. They break long enough to glance across the street, where Grace has just finished asking a demonstrator --Raspberry Fedora -- some questions. The woman stops her as she's about to leave, and asks her to wear an anti-Atlantor button. Grace accepts it, and then strides off down the sidewalk, charged with moral indignation and a sense of purpose. I remember my idealistic black-and-white days. I was about Grace's age, and I'd go off on enraged tangents about the generations that came before, and the rainforests, and pollution, and animal testing, and people who eat meat. Man, that seems like a million years -- and a couple hundred hamburgers -- ago.

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Once and Again




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