Once and Again
Edifice Wrecked

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Edifice Wrecked

Miles further tortures David by explaining the moral of his story. He enunciates even more clearly than usual, as if to be sure that David doesn't miss a syllable, as he explains, "People refuse to accept reality. They form their foolish, irrational opinions and stick to them. This development will be built." He shifts his penetrating stare from David to the other men, and his tone becomes jovial, as he adds, "They'll be huffy and puffy. But in the end, nothing will be blown down, and people will move on to some other bedtime story. There are turtles all the way down, gentlemen, and there is no convincing anyone otherwise. The question is, what are you willing to do?" Miles turns to David with a devilish grin as he asks this final challenge, and David stares back with a look of unflinching hatred. After a pause, Rick asks, "To fight this injunction?" Miles clarifies: "For greatness." Rick looks thoughtful for a second. David breaks the silence this time, snatching his coat, turning on his heel, and quickly saying over his shoulder, "I'm gonna drop by the site." He mutters something about tests that need to be done, and Rick tells him to go later. They're like a couple who don't want to fight in front of their guests during a cocktail party. David knows he can slip out of there because Rick won't make a scene in front of company. David thanks the lawyer for his "pep talk," and then mutters, almost inaudibly, to Miles, "And the turtle anecdote." Miles smiles indulgently without taking his eyes off his turtle. Rick again asks why the trip can't wait until later, but David just keeps on striding toward the door.

We cut to another Soliloquy Sequence, as Rick and David continue musing about their partnership. David says that partners are there to tell the truth for one another -- to be brutally honest and remind one another of who they are. "Because sometimes you forget," they both say and then laugh.

A city bus pulls up to a curb, and Wannabe, Eli, and Grace pile out onto the sidewalk. People are chanting in the background, and as the three head toward the source, the words become distinguishable: "No more Atlantor!" They come upon a group of picketers waving the signs we saw earlier in Karen's living room. Wannabe coolly surveys the scene while Eli squints, and Grace spins around, looking like Alice right after she fell down the rabbit hole. The bulldozers and other machines rumble in the background, undisturbed by the demonstrators' presence. As a pickup truck tries to pull out of the site, however, the protesters' swarm it and sort of tap and swat at its sides. It's pretty tame. Grace looks like she just found heaven.

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Once and Again




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