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Edifice Wrecked

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Edifice Wrecked

After the break, we return to find Rick sitting at his counter, having a little breakfast and glancing over the PagesAlive article, which is titled "Divorced Couples from Hell." Doesn't that sound like it should be a Fox special? Jessie strolls up to the counter and asks what Rick is reading. He goes for the quick cover-up. Eli comes into the kitchen with the cordless phone plastered to his ear. It sounds like he's making plans with Wannabe. After he hangs up, Eli nonchalantly tries to ask what Rick's plans are for the day; is he going to be at the site, for instance? Rick says that he has a meeting with the lawyer over the Atlantor case. The kids move into the dining room with their breakfast -- is Jessie actually eating? -- and Rick looks over the article again. He wearily tosses it onto the counter and says, "You know I admire your mother and what she's doing, right?" Eli casts a suspicious sidelong glance. Rick continues, "Because what she's doing is [sigh]...is very admirable." Rick sounds incredibly sad. Eli exchanges a look with Jessie and says, "Yeah, we know." Rick pushes Jessie for a response. She turns and wishes him "good luck tomorrow." Rick looks worn out.

Cut to Rick at his office, in the midst of a meeting with Miles, David, and a man who, I assume, is the lawyer. He's giving them a pep talk, telling them that they're "revitalizing a blighted urban area, and [they're] willing to relocate these people." David looks like he thinks it's a lot of bullshit, while Miles spins his turtle on the lid of his coffee cup and absently murmurs his assent. "I mean, what more can we do?" the lawyer asks. Miles makes an "eh" face and gestures like "who knows?" while keeping his attention focused on his turtle. The lawyer finally asks, "What is that thing?" David, his voice a bored monotone, offers, "It's a bronze turtle." Rick chimes in, "Sixteenth century." David adds that Miles's niece gave it to him. David makes it clear that he's heard about this turtle at least one too many times. Miles shoots him a challenging look. David gets down to things, pacing and asking, "Am I the only one who thinks we have a serious problem here?" Miles cuts in, "As opposed to the make-believe kind?" He shoots David a piercing glare.

Now that Miles has the floor again, he is going to regale everyone with yet another tale, saying ponderously, "You know, I'm reminded of that marvelous story about Bertrand Russell." David folds his arms and bitterly mutters, "Ah, yes. That story." Undeterred, Miles continues, "Russell was lecturing on astronomy, describing how the earth orbits the sun and so forth, and when the lecture was over, an old woman stood up and said, 'This is all poppycock. The world is a flat place supported on the back of a turtle.' And Russell said, 'Aha, madam! But what is the turtle standing on?'" We see David grinding his teeth to nubs in the background, staring petulantly at some distant point on the floor. Miles goes on, as Miles is wont to do, "And the woman said, 'Very clever, young man. But it's turtles. All the way down.'" I think Miles needs to find an interest apart from turtles. David looks pained. Maybe he's bored with the turtles, too. Miles looks at his little statue and laughs smugly. The lawyer forces a chuckle, while Rick tries really hard to look amused.

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Once and Again




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