Once and Again
Destiny Turns On The Radio

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Destiny Turns On The Radio

Grace blows out a back entrance, taking deep breaths and looking agitated. She unscrews the cap of her bottled water, looking lost in thought, and jumps when the door starts to open. She rolls her eyes and moves to a better position -- resting her elbows against the railing so that her back is to the door and whoever's coming through it to bug her. It's Creepitri. For once, he's not smug or annoying. He shoves his hands in his pockets and simply says, "Just use it. Whatever you're feeling, just use it in the scene. And do whatever you want with that necklace. Just try not to hurt him. Much." Grace listens with her defense shields on maximum. She seems to be waiting for more, but Creepitri just turns and walks back into the auditorium. When he's gone, Grace exhales heavily, gives her head a little shake, and looks thoughtful.

Meanwhile, Snyderman's on a tear, pacing around the booth and berating one of her listeners for being "the type of parent who should be sterilized." She's greeted with silence, and incredulously realizes that the caller hung up on her. Her producer rolls his eyes as she informs him that "some people just can't take criticism." The Curmudgeon sense that things are more afoul than usual, and strides into the production booth as "Dr. Sheri" takes another call. Lily trails behind him, once again trying to hand him a styrofoam container of soup. The caller is a woman who starts to explain that she's engaged, but Dr. Scari cuts her off to ask if they've set a date yet. When the befuddled young woman answers that they haven't, Dr. Scari righteously thunders that they're not engaged, then. She condescendingly informs the caller to "read [her] book, take [her] seminar: no date, no engagement." Amazingly, the caller remains on the line, still trying to get her question heard. Dr. Scari cuts her off yet again to shriek, "You're shacking up with him, aren't you?" The caller admits that they do live together. "You little whore!" Dr. Scari spits. The Curmudgeon orders the producer to go to commercial, and races into the room to stop Dr. Scari's madness. Dr. Scari just about explodes when she hears the commercial over the airwaves. She leans into the glass between her and the producer and shouts, "I say when we go to commercial!" "Not anymore, you nut," the Curmudgeon informs her. "What did you call me?" she demands, stuffing her crap into a tote bag. "A nut!" the Curmudgeon says, spreading his hands wide. "How dare you speak to me like that, you gasbag," Dr. Scari spits as she steams past him and out the door. He spreads his arms as if to show her the way. Scari grabs her cardboard self from the outer office and informs the Curmudgeon that he'll be hearing from her "representatives." "And they'll be hearing from me. Because you're a nut! You should call yourself!" he bellows after her. There's a "slapstick" moment as Dr. Scari's cutout blocks her escape at the doorway. Where're the plucky guitars when you need them?

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Once and Again




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