Once and Again
Destiny Turns On The Radio

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Destiny Turns On The Radio

Grace jumps up from the table and tries to make it out the door before Lily can stop her. She doesn't. "I know what you're going to say," Grace grumbles. "Okay, what am I going to say?" Lily demands. Grace mockingly says that she should lend Jessie the necklace and anything else she needs "because she's insecure, and this one stupid date will be, like, a life-changing experience for her." Lily smiles and admits, "Well, that was similar to what I was going to say." Grace grabs her backpack and makes a break for the door. Lily stops her. She says it would mean so much to Jessie if Grace lent her the necklace. "You don't lend me stuff when I go out," Grace counters. Lily lightly says that's not true. Grace has the day and date ready: last year, when she went out on her first date, Lily refused to let her wear the gray pearls. Lily protests that those were a gift from Phil, and they were real pearls. Grace doesn't see her point. Lily says that she was worried about the pearls: Grace lost everything she bought her last year. "Not this," Grace snaps, grabbing at her shell necklace. She hears the door open behind her, and senses Jessie standing there. Her face softens. Looking at Lily, Grace says, "You know, you can borrow this necklace on Friday, if you want." She offers to help Jessie with her makeup, too, but Jessie says she wasn't planning on wearing any. Grace shoots Lily the stink-eye before heading for the door. "Bye," Lily calls sweetly.

Cut to the auditorium, where Grace, Tad, and another girl are on-stage. Creepitri takes to the stage, too, to offer a bit of direction on the scene. He explains that Grace is supposed to remove an amulet from around her neck and present it to Tad. Creepitri's interrupted by a fit of giggles behind him, where Jessie and her friends are laughing as Tad gets on his knees in front of Grace. Grace also hears the laughing. She's not amused. She recites her lines woodenly and thrusts the necklace at Tad. It just hangs there until he looks up, surprised that she isn't going to put it around his neck, like she has every time before. He appeals to Creepitri, and Grace bitches, "Look, what difference does it make?" Tad hands the amulet back to Grace and asks, "So are you?" "Am I what?" she grits. "Are you going to do it that way?" Grace snaps, "I don't know. I'll do it how I do it." Tad looks like he might cry. Except that he's too confused. Creepitri senses the tension and tells them to take a break. Grace storms offstage.

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Once and Again




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