Once and Again
Destiny Turns On The Radio

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Destiny Turns On The Radio

"I can't even remember my first date," Soliloquy Lily says. She's perched on the Stool, beaming. You know, I don't remember mine, either. Which is probably a good thing.

"Matt Chenowski," Soliloquy Karen says.

"I just remember, all of a sudden, boys calling," Soliloquy Lily glows.

Cut to Karen, stretching in her running gear, and saying into a phone, "No she isn't. Can I take a message?"

Soliloquy Lily: "It's like they'd been given some kind of signal or something." Yeah, they're called boobies.

Soliloquy Karen smiles proudly: "He had the highest SAT marks in our class. He took me to Earthquake."

Soliloquy Lily: "Which is nice, but it's kind of frightening."

Karen answers the phone again, this time in a robe with her hair wrapped in a towel and her face buried under an inch of mud mask. She eats her Lonely Woman take-out while assuring the caller that Jessie definitely doesn't have a private number. "Who is this?" she asks.

Lily covers the phone and bellows, "Jessie! It's Ashley!" The camera cuts away before we have to hear her squealing.

Soliloquy Karen keeps on reminiscing: "We stood on line in the rain, and when his hair got wet, it formed these...these tendrils."

Lily bellows yet again that the phone is for Jessie. This time it's Natasha.

Soliloquy Karen continues, "A few years ago, someone told me he killed himself." She shakes her head sadly and adds, "Highest SATs. Besides me."

Zoe makes her appearance, squeezing honey on toast in the darkened kitchen, and shouting that the phone is for Jessie.

Grace, in the daylit kitchen, yells for Jessie. Jessie appears and Grace thrusts the phone at her, gritting, "It's for you. Again." Subtle. Jessie watches her storm away, bewildered. The camera swings around so that we can see Grace over Jessie's shoulder. She's sitting at the table with her chin propped glumly on her hand, eavesdropping as Jessie asks the caller about the bowling party. Zoe and Lily wander into the kitchen. Lily listens distractedly while Zoe finishes up whatever story she'd been telling. Seeing a fresh set of ears at the table, Zoe heads for Grace and says, "Last night I dreamt I swallowed a bee, and when I woke up this morning my tooth was missing. See?" She opens her mouth for inspection. "Fascinating," Grace drones, not taking her eyes off Jessie. Jessie clicks off the phone, and Lily asks who she was talking to. "Friend of Tad's," Jessie answers. Smiling shyly, she adds, "I said yes." Lily warmly says that's wonderful. "Isn't it, Grace?" she asks, turning to shoot Grace a prompting look. Grace unenthusiastically mumbles her agreement through a mouthful of cereal. Lily asks what Jessie is wearing, while Grace glowers in the background. Jessie says that everyone is asking her that, and that she's not sure. Lily suggests, "You should wear whatever you're most comfortable in, and then dress it up." She asks whether Jessie has a "pretty necklace." Jessie says she doesn't, but she "hate[s] those glittery ones everyone is wearing now." She shudders at the thought. Lily turns to look at Grace, asking what Jessie thinks of the necklace Grace is wearing. "Yeah, something like that," Jessie says. Grace raises a hand to her necklace, a look of dread on her face. She knows what's coming. Jessie glances at her watch and breaks for the door.

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Once and Again




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