Once and Again
Destiny Turns On The Radio

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Destiny Turns On The Radio

After the break, we return to an alternate reality -- one in which Karen does things like peeking out from behind a concrete column, spying. She really needs one of those newspapers with the eyeholes cut out. Much less obvious. She's got her eye on a couple of cyclists, one of whom, from behind, could be Leo. Judy strides up to the café, glances around, and manages to spot the extremely covert Undercover Karen. She rushes over, apologizing for being late. Karen waves it away, not peeling her eyes off the cyclist for a second. She urgently grabs at Judy, shoving her behind the column and asking her whether one of the guys looks like Leo. Judy leans around the column to get a look, but Karen pulls her back, paranoid. After a second, they both peer around their screen. The cyclist turns around, and he isn't Leo. Karen does a piss-poor job of hiding her disappointment. The two wander over to a table, and Judy gushes that she saw Jessie yesterday, "And she is so gorgeous!" Karen mmms in agreement and says, "Wait until you hear her big news!" Judy blurts something about Jessie's date, stirring the ire of the ass-pole. The camera zooms in on Karen's face as her smile fades. "Oh, no, not again!" Judy sighs. Karen takes a couple of deep, cleansing breaths and tries to coax the ass-pole back to a state of calm. She finally manages to tell Judy not to worry about it, and says that she was just going to say that Jessie got two solos in the school play. Judy tries to act as though this is news to her. Karen tries to act like she doesn't care that Judy knows more about Jessie's life than she does.

"Well, of course she's going to be disappointed," Lily says, her voice dripping with concern. She's at work, on the phone with Jake, who's apparently trying to beg off spending an evening with Zoe. The Curmudgeon looms over Lily's shoulder, asking, "Got the numbers?" Lily scrambles among the papers on her desk while cradling the phone against her shoulder and continuing with the guilt trip. The Curmudgeon lumbers around behind her, waiting impatiently and watching her disapprovingly. She finally locates the page of numbers and simultaneously tells Jake that she has to go. She meekly apologizes to the Curmudgeon as she hands him the sheet and starts explaining why she's having trouble with Jake. She catches the look on his face and stops herself, realizing that he's not interested in hearing about her personal life. He assures her, "You can tell me anything. As long as it's not about people." I think I'm in love.

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Once and Again




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