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Destiny Turns On The Radio

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Destiny Turns On The Radio

Out in the dining room, everyone's settling down to some Chinese take-out. Grace marches into the room like a zombie and, eyes straight ahead, hands the phone to Jessie with a curt "It's for you." Tad reminds Jessie that he's the guy who finished her water. Lily leans over the table to ask Grace who it is. "Just some boy," Grace answers glumly. Jessie puts her hand over the phone and glances at them before moving into the living room. She flops on the couch to continue the conversation as Judy flies through the front door, bellowing, "Honeys, I'm home!"

Lily's still on the girlfriend-y tangent, asking Grace whether the guy's cute, just as Judy enters the dining room. "Is who cute?" Judy asks. Lily whispers, "Jessie's on the phone with a boy." Grace looks unamused. "Mom, can we eat?" she asks flatly. Judy gets her vibe and wisely changes the subject, thrusting a folder toward Rick and telling him that she "got the permits." Rick responds by asking if she's going to come to dinner every night. Judy pauses, holding a lo mein noodle halfway to her mouth, and says, "Every single night. I'm going to start using your razor." Rick knows she's kidding, but looks a little worried anyway. Lily, of course, didn't get Grace's vibe and prods, "Well, do you or don't you know him?" Grace snaps, "Mom, he's in the play, okay?" Secretly, she wonders if it would be possible to strangle Lily with an egg noodle.

Tad, meanwhile, is smoothly telling Jessie that he needs someone to help him go over his lines, but he can't get anyone to do it. Jessie offers immediately, not recognizing it for the obvious come-on that it is. He suggests Friday night, and Jessie gapes uncertainly. Tad jumps into the pregnant pause, "remembering" that Friday is the bowling party. How very inconvenient. It looks like they'll just have to go to the bowling party instead. Tad takes Jessie's stunned silence as agreement and says he'll just meet her there. Around the heart lodged in her throat, Jessie manages to choke out, "Oh. Okay." She clicks off the phone, mouthing, "Oh. My. God!" The plucky guitars kick it as she springs up and spots Eli climbing the stairs behind her. She urgently whispers and waves for him to come over. Giddy, she says, "You have to tell me what just happened!" We cut to the dining room for a split-second while Jessie presumably fills in Eli.

"Oh. My. God!" Eli says when we return to the living room. He immediately throws Jessie into an affectionate headlock and drags her to the dining room to announce, "Uh, guys? Jessie was just asked out on a date." Lily exclaims, "Jessie, that's wonderful!" while Rick reminds himself to breathe. Jessie, embarrassed, says she may not even go. Lily can't imagine why she wouldn't, but Rick's all over Jessie's hesitation, insisting that she doesn't have to do anything she's not comfortable with. Lily says it's "normal to be nervous on your first date." Eli, seeing exactly where the dinner conversation is headed, announces, "I'm going to eat later." Seeing her window of opportunity, Grace grabs her carton of MSG and announces that she is, too. Lily immediately halts Grace's retreat, though, ordering her to sit down. She wants Grace to reminisce about how nervous she was on her first date. Grace mutters that she can't remember. Lily, unperturbed, swats Rick on the shoulder and says, "You were nervous on our first date." He looks at her and says, "I'm still nervous." He should be, considering he's living with a pod person. We know he's joking, though, because those damn guitars are still plucking away. Lily turns her attention to Jessie, asking how she left things with the boy. Jessie glances at Grace a couple of times while saying that she thinks she said yes. She so desperately wants Grace to get in on this with her. Rick, silently praying, reminds Jessie that she can still change her mind at any point. Lily looks at him like he's mental and wonders why Jessie would want to do that. Then she goes Hallmark on their asses, oozing that it's a turning point for Jessie and it's so wonderful. "Isn't it?" she prods Rick. He looks at the bite of mushu pork on his fork, secretly thinking that the food is more wonderful, but he dutifully agrees. Jessie's looking less and less convinced. Grace hates all of them.

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Once and Again




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