Once and Again
Destiny Turns On The Radio

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Destiny Turns On The Radio

Karen's sitting in the lawyer's waiting room, gritting her teeth and shaking her head as she listens to Lily. Her legs are tightly crossed to contain the fury of the ass-pole.

Ah, but then Lily says these magic words: "I've spent the past week just blind, not seeing someone who's doing the absolute best that they can, whose feelings I have completely ignored. Who has every right to feel the way they do about me. And if by some miracle this person is actually listening right now, I just want them to know that I do understand, and I am truly sorry."

Grace, who's been listening to the broadcast in her room, sits up and takes notice when she hears the generic apology. Rick stares lovingly at his truck's radio as the DJ winds up the interview. Rick smiles to himself as he starts the truck, happy to be heading home to such a wise, wise woman.

The magic apology was even strong enough to drain all the piss and vinegar out of the ass-pole. Karen sits slumped on the sofa, mulling over Lily's words and tearing up. She shakes her head a little, grabs her coat, and slips out of the office.

Over at the station, the Curmudgeon finds Lily sitting alone in the darkened booth. "You realize you're off the air," he says. She beams and says she was just thinking. He asks if she's okay, the big softy. "Am I supposed to like it this much?" she asks. "I dunno. I know I did," the Curmudgeon answers. He tells her to come on; he'll walk her to her car. Lily takes a deep breath and glances around for one last look at her new love. She stops when she catches her reflection in the booth window. Suddenly, she doesn't look so thrilled anymore.

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Once and Again




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