Once and Again
Destiny Turns On The Radio

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Destiny Turns On The Radio

Meanwhile, Rick's just pulled up outside the neon façade of the bowling alley. Jessie worries that she'll be the first one to show up. He asks whether she wants him to drive around the block one more time. Jessie musters her courage and says she'll just go inside, but not before making one last-ditch attempt to bail: "Dad, if this is a problem between you and Mom --" Rick assures her that it isn't. "I'm just saying, if you guys don't want me to do this," Jessie offers, hoping that he'll jump on it. He doesn't. Instead, he makes himself tell her to have a good time. Jessie goes to open the door, and Rick remembers that he's got something in the glove compartment for her. He pulls out a little box and hands it to her. Jessie opens it and pulls out one of those glittery necklaces. "Lily, she mentioned that you were gonna borrow Grace's, so I thought, maybe you should have one of your own. It's the real glittery kind. Apparently everyone is wearing them." Somehow, Jessie manages not to bawl right then and there. I'm not quite that tough. Rick puts it on for her, and Jessie looks at him adoringly, hating the necklace but loving the gesture. She thanks him with a hug and climbs out of the truck. Rick watches her go as the melancholy guitars limp along the soundtrack.

Karen arrives at Gayle's office, which is shrouded in shadows. Apparently, it's pretty late. Gayle pops her head out and says she'll be right with Karen. The radio is on in the background, conveniently tuned to Lily's station. The DJ, Michael, introduces Lily, which gets Karen's attention.

Cut to the station, where Michael asks Lily to confirm that she'd never been on the radio before the other day, and that she doesn't have a degree. He asks what makes her qualified to give advice to other people. Lily totally spoils my fun with an unexpected bout of self-awareness. She says, "Well, first of all, I don't listen. I'm not a good listener. That helps."

Rick stops the truck to focus on what Lily's saying over the radio. Her voice intones, "I'm convinced that I'm completely right and other people are completely wrong, and I'm always very happy to tell them how wrong they are. That really helps. I mean, sure, I can be compassionate with strangers, but when it comes to dealing with people I actually know, I'm finding out I'm...I'm having more trouble than I thought."

Over at the station, Lily's wryly smiling at her self-deprecation, admitting, "I've noticed lately that I've been more or less oblivious to other people's pain."

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Once and Again




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