Once and Again
Destiny Turns On The Radio

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Destiny Turns On The Radio

After the break, Lily's downstairs gathering her jacket and purse when the phone rings. It's Judy, looking for Rick. Lily shortly tells Judy that she'll tell Rick she called. Judy catches the vibe and says, "I know why you're upset. I mean, I know what you're gonna say. You're gonna say I shouldn't have told Karen about Jessie's date. You're right." Lily says, "Well, I shouldn't have told half of Chicago." Judy has no idea what she's talking about. Lily glances toward the stairs and says, "Judy, I screwed up with Grace. I just had to do something, she seemed so insecure!" "Gracie?" Judy asks. "Jessie! I mean I wanted to give her something -- confidence. I mean, she's about to go out on her first date." Judy says that Jessie's so beautiful, as if she can't understand why she'd be insecure. Lily sadly says, "Don't you see? At that age, even if you are, you don't know you are." Judy's thoughtful for a second and says, "But if your sister's beautiful, even if she doesn't know she is, it can sometimes make you feel like...you're not. Or, so I've heard." Lily looks touched and thanks Judy for calling. Judy gives her a heartfelt "Any time." Lily clicks off the phone, and you can already see her wheels turning.

Cut to the auditorium, where parents are filing in and milling around. Karen's cell phone rings. It's her lawyer, telling Karen that her schedule opened up, so Karen can come by later if she'd like. Karen glances at her watch and is about to respond when Lily appears over her shoulder. Looking up at her nemesis, Karen mutters, "I need to call you back." She stands to face Lily, who apologizes for interrupting her call. Karen flatly tells her it's no problem. Lily's not picking up on the death rays shooting out of Karen's eyes. Lily asks whether they can talk for a minute, and starts clutching at her chest (one of her best sincerity moves), saying that she's worried about some of the things that have been happening, and how Karen may have interpreted them. The ass-pole's hopping mad, but Karen manages to grit her teeth against it. She coldly informs Lily that she can't get into things now. Lily's about to let it go, but then says, "Well there's something I need to say, so..." Karen mutters, "Well, you don't seem to need my permission to talk, so go ahead." "What?" Lily asks, shocked. She asks what Karen means. Karen growls that she doesn't think it's appropriate for Lily to be using the kids "as material." Lily protests, "Nobody's using anyone." "I wish that were true," Karen grits. Creepitri calls the meeting to order, squashing everyone's hopes for a catfight. Karen turns her back on Lily and takes a seat. Lily takes a second to collect herself and then strides down the row behind Karen, taking a seat a fair distance away where she can pout and watch Karen on the sly. Karen pulls out her cell phone, calls her lawyer, and whispers that she'd like to come and see her later.

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Once and Again




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