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Destiny Turns On The Radio

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Destiny Turns On The Radio

Cut to Karen on the phone with her lawyer, Gayle. "Jessie's going on a date? What is she, like nine?" Gayle asks. The ass-pole is in no mood for jokes. It's working overtime, dammit. Karen's flipping through a folder of legal documents, complaining that she wasn't even consulted, which is "completely counter" to her agreement with Rick. She offers to read Gayle the pertinent bits. "So what are you saying? You want to haul them into court?" Gayle asks. Karen says she doesn't know -- that's Gayle's department -- but she adds that "[Lily] talked about them, Gayle. On the radio. There's a whole pattern of behavior, here." Gayle tries to get off the phone, saying that she's got a conference call. The ass-pole will not be put off so easily. "It's like they're deliberately trying to leave me out of things!" Karen cries. She manages to get a grip and tells Gayle to call her back.

Cut to Grace wandering down the hall to Lily's bedroom, calling, "Hello?" Lily's putting on an earring and cries, "Grace! Where have you been?" Grace says she helped Creepitri get ready for the meeting. Lily guilts that Jessie waited for her for almost an hour. Grace whines that she didn't know he'd make her stay so late, and adds, "Besides, she doesn't need my necklace to go on a date." She plops down on the bed as Lily informs her that she's going to the station after the parents' meeting. "You're going to be on the radio again?" Grace asks, dismayed. Lily pulls on her boots with an unconcerned "Yeah." Grace's eyes lock on Lily's dresser, and her chest constricts. "Why is your pearl necklace out?" she asks, already knowing the answer. Lily looks from the necklace to Grace to the necklace, and realizes this is going to be bad. After a few seconds, she finally confesses, "I offered to let Jessie borrow it." Grace pops off the bed, furious, and stares at Lily incredulously. Lily says that Grace and her necklace were nowhere to be found. "So you offered her your pearl necklace?" Grace cries. "What difference does it make?" Lily asks lightly. "What difference does it make?" Grace shouts. Her eyes are about to leap from their sockets. She realizes Lily is totally clueless, so she just turns and storms out. Lily chases after her.

Grace slams into her room, trying to collect herself. Lily knocks and pleads with her to open the door. Grace relents, but only so she can spew, "I heard what you said, you know." "What?" "On the radio? That you couldn't be more thrilled if she was really your daughter? So why don't you just pretend that she is, Mom." Lily tries to explain, but Grace cuts her off: "You barely noticed my first date, Mom." Lily says that she did notice, but Grace didn't seem to need her help. "No, Mom! You didn't want to help! Because he was African-American and I'm not helpless and delicate and perfect, like Jessie!" Grace slams the door. Lily stands there staring at it and wondering how she, who knows everything about parenting, could have screwed this up so badly. She has a few minutes to ponder it as we head to commercials.

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Once and Again




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