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Daddy's Girl

The show opens with a shot of the phone in the foreground. The answering machine's just picked up, and Lily's voice is telling the caller that she and the girls can't take the call. Rick's voice comes on, and Lily, in the middle of brushing her teeth, comes running out of the bathroom to grab the phone. "Screening your calls?" Rick asks. "No...yes, actually...from some nice people at the collection agency." Uh-oh. Well, that's no way to start a conversation, so they decide to start again. Rick says he's calling her about a date for Valentine's Day. Lily says, "oh" in a flat voice. She explains that she can't do anything with Rick because she already promised to take the girls to the re-opening of Jake's restaurant. Rick says, "Ah, I get it" in a soft voice, and Lily immediately jumps in to assure him that she just doesn't want to disappoint the girls. Rick says that he's really okay, and they end the conversation with some banter about other obscure holidays, on which Lily's schedule is wide open.

Cut to Lily at the grocery store, grabbing a few things off the shelf. At the checkout, she tries to charge the twenty-nine dollars to her credit card, but it's maxed out. She's shocked. And embarrassed, since there are about five people in line behind her watching her get denied and giving her the stink-eye. I feel her pain. She declines the clerk's offer to use another credit card (since she doesn't have one), glances at the people in line behind her, and basically looks like she wants to die. Needless to say, she makes a hasty exit.

We next see her slamming through the front door of her home and going straight for the phone in the kitchen. She asks to speak with Jake, and while she's waiting she asks Zoe, sitting in the breakfast nook, to give her some privacy. She doesn't get Jake, though, so she leaves a message and says it's very important that he call her back. Zoe's still in the kitchen, and she asks Lily why she's so mad. Lily says she's not, but Zoe points out that she looks mad. "Angry," Lily clarifies, "'Angry' is the word. 'Mad' means insane."

The doorbell rings, and Lily opens the door to find her friend Naomi standing there. Lily says, "Hey" and looks pretty blank until Naomi reminds her that Lily invited her for dinner. Lily apologizes profusely and Naomi is very understanding, saying that it just means Lily's "floppy disk is full." Lily wonders aloud whether she even has any food in the house, and Zoe overhears this as she's heading upstairs, and remarks, "Oh that's okay. Grace and I ate Wheat Thins." I'm not sure if this remark is meant to be sarcastic since little kids have weird ideas about what makes for a good dinner. But still, we get the idea that things are pretty tight around the Manning household.

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Once and Again




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