Once and Again
Chance Of A Lifetime

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Chance Of A Lifetime

Okay, so this is it: the last episode. Ever. Grab your carton of Kleenex, take a deep breath, and let's see if we can't get through this without straining a lung.

We open at Rick's office, where Sam, Rick, and a female reporter are overlooking a model of The Dreiser. The reporter holds out a tape recorder and asks what their inspiration was. Rick says, "Preservation," while Sam says, "Money." Shut up, Sam. I didn't even enjoy that, knowing it may be the last time I get to say it. Rick repeats, "Preservation, and the desire to do something different, and...uh..." Sam jumps in with "Ultimately preserving the past." "And this wonderful structure, so you know you could call it...preservation through innovation," Rick adds. Colin wanders on-screen, savoring Rick's clever turn of BS. He tells the reporter that he likes it, and that she should use it for the title of her article. He licks his lips and smirks, "Now, go write it so I can get even more famous." He's almost as obnoxious as his electric blue shirt. The reporter takes her cue and shakes Sam's and Rick's hands, saying that the project truly is impressive, and teasingly adds, "In spite of your boss." "Okay, that's how the press treats me," Colin says sardonically. He calls out to the reporter, Sophia, to boast that Sam and Rick are building ten more hotels for him. He walks toward her, chest puffed, saying that the first hotel will be in Sydney, Australia. Rick and Sam exchange a look, to let us know this is the first they've heard of it. Colin slings an arm over Sophia's shoulder, and explains that, unlike the Dreiser, the Australian hotel will be built from the ground up. She schmoozes that she looks forward to visiting them in Australia next year. Colin scoops up her hand to plant an oily kiss, and says, "Well, then, you write something incisive, and we'll see." She heads out.

Colin snaps his fingers at Sam and Rick, telling them they did very well. Still gaping, the two of them ask him what that was all about, and whether he's serious about the hotel in Australia. Nonchalantly, he says he's offering them a job: "What, you got something else lined up? Or maybe you don't want to build a world-class hotel. Maybe what you'd rather do is build parking garages and nursing homes." Ouch. He strides for the door, barking at his assistant, "I had a coat!" He turns back to Rick and Sam and tells them to let him know by Friday, because he wants them "to be at that cocktail party." He jabs a finger at them and sharply asks, "You're going to be there, right?" How could they possibly say no? "Yes, Colin. Bye, Colin," Sam answers like a good little robot. And then Colin is gone. Recovering, Sam and Rick turn to each other. Rick gapes, "Was he serious? Ten hotels?" Sam claps him on the shoulder and says, "Pack your bags, my friend."

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Once and Again




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