Once and Again

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Early morning light filters through the windows of a fairly cluttered room. The camera pans to a bed and across it, where we see Karen under the covers with someone.

Black-and-white Karen makes an early entrance to ask, "What am I doing?!" I think most of us can guess.

Flesh-toned Karen, who's showing most of it by the way, extracts herself from her naked lover's grasp and starts looking for her clothes. They're scattered, indicating that it was some night. Her cell phone rings as she's dressing, and she scrambles to grab it before it wakes up her lover. It's Rick, of course, wanting to know why she's not at home. She says she left early for work and is stuck in traffic. Rick asks if she can hear him, since she's supposedly in her car and the kids are tearing around the kitchen behind him, yelping like whipped puppies. They do that a lot on this show. What I want to know is, whose parents ever let them run around the house screaming? Karen gets a beep from another call and puts Rick on hold. It's her secretary, who also wants to know why she's not at home. Like it's any of her business. She also wants to know why Karen's whispering. Stuttering and flustered, Karen says she's not, and she'll be in soon. She clicks back to tell Rick she'll pick up Jessie after tae kwon do that night.

Her young stud awakens and tells her she's "so cute." Surprisingly, she says that's not something she hears very often. He asks her to stay and she puts up a bit of resistance. In the end, she gives in and agrees to stay for some Frosted Flakes, which I think is some kind of code for "quickie."

Cut to Karen getting changed in her car and muttering, "What are you doing?" Why didn't she just get changed in buddy's apartment?

Inside her office, a man with whom she has a meeting good-naturedly points out that she's late. He also notices her cheeks are nice and rosy. International sign for "freshly laid," my friend. The annoying secretary pops in to ask the guy a question, and Karen snags the opportunity to finish buttoning her sweater.

Black-and-white Karen tells us she's not a spontaneous person. Yeah, we've already got that covered, but thanks. She says she needs to have parameters in her life, even though she knows how uptight that sounds. Her voice shakes during this defensive little exercise, suggesting that maybe sex with a younger man somehow falls outside her safe boundaries. I really don't see what the big deal is, but clearly I'm supposed to, so I'll play along.

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Once and Again




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