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Reefer Madness

Anyway, Lily's boots are made for walking, and that's just what they do. Right over to the boys in the band. "Hey guys, what's the name of your band?" she asks with a big smile. "Planet Suicide," one of them answers. Oh, brother. Lily bullshits, "Oh, I saw you guys! Didn't you play at Ground Zero?" Yes, she said Ground Zero. I can't believe they didn't see fit to change "Ground Zero" in light of recent events, and considering the band's stupid name is "Planet Suicide." Lily solemnly declares that they were great. One of the band members eyes her like she's fried chicken and says they sucked. Eli leans in and mutters with awe, "You saw them at Ground Zero?" He's not the brightest crayon in the box, after all. Lily gives him an ixnay look and insists, "Absolutely. They were totally edgy." She enunciates every syllable of "totally edgy" like a little old British lady, but no one seems to notice her forced delivery. She fishes, "You know the last song...?" One of the guys supplies the title for her and she snaps her fingers with an exuberant, "Yes! That didn't suck." The sucky guy says, "It sucked." "'Cause you sucked," another one chimes in. "Yeah, well. I always suck," the sucky guy says, looking pointedly at Lily. Dude, what you do behind closed doors is your business. Seriously. Another guy chimes in, "Stop flirting and grab your sucky drum kit!" Lily pulls the Ally-patented finger-in-the-mouth trick and turns a little toward Eli, nudging him inconspicuously. He takes the cue and jumps forward, offering to help carry the equipment. The sucky guy tells him to watch out for something, and Eli says he knows. Lily points out, "He's very helpful." Eli quietly tells her to shut up, but you can tell he's about to bust with excitement. Lily stands there smiling and showing off her bra straps, and one of the guys hops off the truck to say, "Hi there. What's your name?" Slick. I bet he writes all their songs. "Lily," Lily coos. "Pedro," the guy says. "Hi Pedro," Lily says, her voice oozing sugah. Are the writers trying to give a shout-out to some guy named Pedro? That's the second time that name came up this episode. Eli stands a bit off and takes in the show. I bet he's wondering the same thing we all are: Who is this sex kitten, and what did she do with The Mom?

Cut to Rick staring into the kitchen cupboards. "Okay, soup is out," he says, pulling a box of pasta off the shelf. "I could make pasta," he says, almost pleadingly, as he turns to tempt Zoe and Jessie with the box. Jessie, arms folded, says it's fine with her. Zoe scrunches up her face to protest that she had pasta at lunch time. Yeah, and? Is she afraid of getting sauce on her tiara? Rick, frustrated, can't believe there isn't one thing in the house that both girls can agree on eating. Jessie wearily gives up, saying she has too much homework anyway. Rick doesn't protest, even though the kid has an eating disorder.

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Once and Again




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