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Reefer Madness

From the hallway, they hear the sounds of arguing, and stop making out to look toward the door. "I didn't hear anything. Did you?" Rick whispers. She shakes her head, and they get back to the action. A door slams. Feet thud along the hallway. "Three...two...one..." Lily says, bracing herself for the onslaught. There's an insistent knock at the door. "Come in, Zoe," Lily calls wearily, blowing a stray lock from her eyes. The griping commences. "I cannot sleep with a computer screen in my face. And you know that!" Zoe whines. Lily starts trying to reason with her when Jessie appears in the doorway. Rick asks her what's up. "Nothing's up," she sighs. "I just have to finish my homework." Zoe glares at her with crossed arms. Lily and Rick look at one another. After a second, Lily informs Zoe that Jessie is in tenth grade, and she has a lot of homework. Zoe is unmoved. "I'm in sixth grade, and I need my sleep," she says. Jessie rolls her eyes. "Okay," Lily sighs, hanging her head. She suggests that Jessie use the computer in her and Rick's room, "just for tonight," and they'll figure out a better solution tomorrow. Here's a solution: move the computer back to the living room. Lily rolls off the bed and takes Zoe by the hand to lead her back to bed and to "settle [her] down." If by "settle [her] down" Lily means "smother [her] with a pillow," I'm so there. Jessie approaches Rick on the bed, who's sitting rather unabashedly in his boxers. Guess the action wasn't so hot after all, if you know what I mean. Jessie announces that she wants to live at Karen's. "Sweetie, you're at Mom's four nights a week as it is," Rick reminds her. "I don't like it here, Dad," Jessie says, her voice teary. He softly tells her she just has to "give it a chance." Jessie flops face-down on the bed.

If this keeps up, Rick and Lily will be having less sex than they did before they got married. What a rip-off.

Cut to Eli, Grace, and Jessie in the car the next morning; I guess Eli is driving them to school. They're all talking about some field trip Grace is supposed to go on. Eli crumples up her permission form and tosses it at her. She tosses it back. He reaches for the paper ball under his seat but can't find it. He's simultaneously lecturing Grace on how "serious" driving is. Too bad he doesn't mean it. He reaches over and taps the back of her neck to annoy her. She grabs his arm, but he wrenches it away. She's found the paper ball and tosses it at him again. When he looks over at her, she's holding Coop's jacket up, I guess as some sort of threat. It's really so the baggie of pot will fall out of the pocket, though. Everyone looks down at it for a few seconds without saying anything. Jessie finally picks it up and says, "Eli!" Eli reaches into the back seat to grab the stash from her. Jesus, can you say "distracted driver"? Luckily, Grace manages to direct her eyes forward, just in time to see someone on a Lark 2000 puttering into the crosswalk. She gasps. Eli finally -- finally! -- looks ahead. He slams on the brakes to avoid turning the Lark into a hood ornament. The guy behind him isn't so quick with the reflexes and slams into the back of Rick's truck. Eli takes a few seconds to register what happened and asks if everyone is okay. They say yes.

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Once and Again




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