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Reefer Madness

Down on the front lines, Zoe is shouting, "Where is my spiral notebook? I gave it to you!" Jessie screams that she gave it back. Zoe yells that she didn't. Jessie spins and shrieks, "Yes I did you stupid little baby! I gave the damn notebook back to you! Do you not understand English?" There's a vein throbbing on her forehead. Zoe, unused to being screamed at like that, stands and stares. Jessie's got one more thing to bellow: "Now why can't you just shut up and leave me alone?" She storms into the bedroom. Grace and Eli have been standing in the background, watching it all go down. Agape, they exchange a look. Zoe spins around and slams into the bedroom.

Cut to the kitchen, a little later. Zoe bristles past Jessie, who's pouring the last of the orange juice into a glass. Zoe marches over to Lily at the table and asks sweetly, "Mom? Can I have some orange juice?" The little snot. Lily looks from her to Jessie and says, "Okay. That's enough." She says they're going to sit down with Rick later that night and figure out a solution.

They're interrupted by Jake, who knocks softly on the back door and cautiously pokes his head into the kitchen. "Good morning old girls!" he says cheerfully. Zoe glowers and stomps out. Jessie watches her, glares, and storms out, too. Jake stands there, wondering if it was something he said. He and Lily exchange pleasantries while he shakes the empty juice carton. She asks if he heard from the bank. "Oh, I always hear from the bank," he says. "You don't have an extra hundred thousand lying around, do you?" Lily gives him a worried, "Jake." He assures her it'll all work out -- it always does. She reminds him that he said the bank was taking over the restaurant. Grace rescues him from the hot seat, rushing in with a big smile and hug. "Let's get out of here!" she begs. Jake tells her to "round up the twisted sisters." Heh. Finally giving up on the empty juice carton, Jake grabs Jessie's abandoned glass and drinks from it. Once Grace is gone, Lily brings up the bank again. He says, "Well, I figure I have another month before the ax really falls." He chugs the juice gratefully while Lily stares at him, her stomach in knots.

Looks like Lily's finally realizing there may be a money crisis. We cut to Lily at the computer, looking for job prospects. Eli pokes his head in the bedroom door, asking why she's muttering about jellyfish. She explains she's looking at all the "weird" magazines people publish. He asks if any of them are hiring, and she sarcastically answers that she's "narrowing down a list." Eli raises his eyebrows and says, "Sure, sure." She insists that she's just deciding who to call. He insists that she's chicken. "Who are you to talk? What progress have you made?" Lily asks. Suddenly, Eli doesn't feel like joking anymore. He says, "Every job looks totally boring." "Except the recording studio," Lily says, sympathetically. Eli mutters, "I can't believe she's taking a stupid stand on this." Lily smiles and bites her tongue. She asks what Rick says. "He always takes her side," Eli answers. He asks what Lily thinks would happen if he took the job anyway. Lily gravely says that she doesn't know. He asks what she would do. Lily smiles knowingly and says she doesn't want to go there. Eli prods. She points out, "She's your mother. I'm not." Eli counters that Lily is his stepmother. She begs him not to put her in the middle. Eli makes a pleading gesture and asks, hypothetically, what if she were his mother. Lily takes a second to choose her words and finally says, "I don't think it would matter if I were your mother or not. Finally, you'd have to make your own decisions." In case Eli missed the point, she adds, "Part of being a parent is wanting your child to grow up and think for themself [sic], right?" The ass-pole isn't going to like this one bit.

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Once and Again




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