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Boy Meets Girl

Black-and-white Lily's back, smiling coyly. "Oh, I wasn't going to go. I was gonna cancel." Ri-ight.

Cut to Lily, frantically pacing back-and-forth between her closet and her mirror in a desperate search for something to wear with her skirt. She wisely dismisses the bulky sweater and moves on to other shirts. Grace is lying on Lily's bed with Zoe, watching her mother and complaining. She wants to know why Lily can't take her cell phone on the date. Lily says she isn't to going to have her cell phone sitting on the table. (It has been a while since she's been out.) Zoe wants to know why not. Then Grace says she doesn't think it's fair that she has to look after "her," gesturing toward Zoe. Lily points out that Grace doesn't mind watching Zoe when Lily is out with Judy. Grace tries another tack: "Are you wearing that skirt?" before adding, "I do mind when you go out with Judy. I have anxiety attacks when we're here alone." Melodramatic, much? Dancing to her puppet-master's tune, Lily is immediately concerned, and Grace elaborates that she's "scared robbers are going to break in...that they're going to terrorize" her and Zoe. Lily assures Grace that no one is going to break in, and Grace retorts, "You know that for sure?" Lily tells Grace that she's just going out on a date, not getting "remarried." Zoe tells her that she'd better not get remarried. "She can't," Grace snipes, raising her voice and looking pointedly at Lily. "She's not divorced yet." Grace then goes on to say that she thinks she should start dating before Lily does. But, sweetie, I don't think your mom wants to wait for hell to freeze over. Lily asks who's stopping Grace from dating. "Nobody's asking me," Grace says. With your sunny disposition? I can't believe it. Lily throws up her hands and flops on the bed next to the girls. "Mommy's really nervous, okay?" she says. "Mommy's going out of her mind." Mommy's speaking in third-person, so just back away with no sudden movements, okay? Lily asks them to give her a little bit of support, and the girls laugh and hug her. Grace, of course, has to ruin the moment by saying, "Just please don't have sex with him, okay?" Lily shrieks.

Black-and-white Lily says, "My mom says I was a very good baby. I never cried, and I never fussed. I was a really nice girl, you know?" Okaaay. I guess we'll just have to trust that this remark is somehow relevant.

Cut to Lily and Rick in the restaurant, getting settled at their table. Lily places her cell phone on the table, saying "kids" by way of explanation. Rick, digging into his pocket and plunking down his own phone, says, "I see you. And I raise you." He asks how badly her kids tortured her. "Pretty bad," she says with a smile. She then asks about his. "Oh, they're pretty used to it by now. They just asked if you were older than twenty-five or not," Rick says, straining his lips around his mouthful of foot. Lily's smile sticks and she gives Rick a look like, "Huh?" She asks, "So is that how old most of your dates are?"

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Once and Again




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