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Boy Meets Girl

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Boy Meets Girl

Rick looks crestfallen rather than confused. He slowly pulls the phone away from his ear and stares at it as if it's a foreign object.

Grace asks Lily if she's in trouble. No, but you should be.

Black-and-white Rick admits he "never really dated much after the separation. [He] was too afraid of rejection." And the latest experience did wonders to alleviate that fear, no doubt. Ouch.

Cut to Rick and the kids sitting around the dinner table eating Chinese take-out. Rick is quiet and pokes disinterestedly at his food. The phone rings, and Rick picks up the cordless, which is right next to him. It's Lily. She apologizes for blowing him off earlier and tells him that things were crazy. She then says she'd "love to..." "Have dinner?" Rick finishes. Oooh, Mr. Sammler, you're a smoothie after all. Lily agrees and asks what his schedule is like. She's grinning hugely. Rick, too, is smiling uncontrollably as he says, "It's, uh, pretty open right now." Well, golly, that's sure lucky.

The next time we see Rick, he's at his office, going over building plans with his partner, David. He's muttering questions and making suggestions about the design. David loudly cuts through all the shop talk: "You know what happens to women after they have kids, don't you?" Rick maintains his architectural train of thought. David is undeterred, answering his question himself: "They become sexually conservative." Thank you, oh great and wise sexual pedant. Rick speaks fully on my behalf, informing David that he's "so full of crap." He then switches back to work mode. David explains his "logic," saying, "They've got to be grown-ups and forget about all the wild times they had before." Hey David? Shut up. I seriously question whether a "grown-up" would ever be foolish enough to date, let alone jump into bed with, a narrow-minded little pig like you, so you can't possibly know what you're talking about. Rick informs David that mothers are "better sexually. Fool. And you've never even gone out with a mother." Aha! I knew it! "Why would I want to go out with a mother?" David asks with distaste. "It took me twenty years to get away from my own." And she must be so proud...

Cut to Lily, sitting at a desk and typing on a keyboard. Judy rolls her wheeley office chair next to Lily's and looks her up and down before asking, matter-of-factly, "When do you think you'll sleep with him?" Lily abruptly stops typing.

Cut to Grace walking down a school hallway with a couple of friends. Grace announces that her mother has a date that night. She looks like she has a mouthful of turds. "Oh, god!" says one of her friends before launching into a description of the tortuous ritual that is her own mother's social life: "My mother dates, like, six times a week. And they're all fat and gross." "She makes you meet them?" "She makes a whole fetish out of it." Sweetie, I don't think "fetish" is the word you were going for. At least, I really hope it's not. Grace wants to know why the mothers can't "keep their private lives private without dragging innocent bystanders in." "Innocent bystanders." That's cute. It conveniently overlooks all the active eavesdropping and nosying around Grace employs. Eli and his buddies cruise past in the opposite direction. Grace and her friends turn to watch them pass, their freshman eyes brimming with adulation. Eli turns back to look at Grace. The maternally tortured girl wants to know how Grace knows Eli. Grace says she doesn't. "All right Grace!" her friends exclaim, seeming not to hear her. The freshman pack starts to walk away, and Grace stumbles against the tortured girl because she's too busy staring at Eli to watch where she's going.

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