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Boy Meets Girl

I wonder if Lily's happy to hear from him? Or if she feels weird talking to him with her estranged husband sitting not two feet away? Thank god the writers anticipated this curiosity. They've thoughtfully set up another interview with Lily so there's no danger of us missing the point by relying solely on Sela's acting abilities. "Oh!" exclaims black-and-white Lily as she covers her face girlishly. "I didn't want him to call!" She adds that she thought about him all afternoon, but she's not ready. "Not ready," she repeats. I'm not sure, but I think maybe Lily's not ready for this.

Back to the phone conversation. Rick says he's calling to see if her daughter is okay. "That's so nice," Lily says. "Yeah. She's fine." Grace's ears prick up, and she wants to know who is on the phone. It's mommy's new boyfriend, sweetie. Shut up and mind your own damn business.

Rick, meanwhile, is scrunched up in a ball on his staircase. Presumably, he's hiding out from his kids, so they won't figure out he's not really calling Lily to ask about Grace. He's totally sweating the conversation and keeps putting his fingertips to his forehead after every comment he makes.

Jake assumes that Lily is talking to someone from the school, and says loudly that he thinks they should sue. Dude, Lily's trying to score -- keep it down! Zoe pipes up to ask if Grace is in trouble. Lily continues her struggle to have a normal conversation without revealing to the buttinsky brigade who she's talking with.

Rick gets to his feet and screws up his face and his courage. He stammers out an invitation for coffee. Close-up of his fingers drumming nervously against the wall. Close-up of his toes bouncing and shuffling in their little white tube socks. Tube socks!

Lily puts her hand to the side of her face and looks frozen. Grace, still hovering around her shoulder, asks again who's on the phone. She's rude. By the time Rick has stuttered "cup of coffee," Lily's face has broken into a huge smile. And, of course, the peanut gallery has upped its ruckus in the background. Jake says he wants to talk to the school, Grace keeps asking who it is, and Zoe knocks over something on the counter. The chaos attains new heights. Standing in the midst of the frenzy, Lily listens as Rick asks, "Would that be weird?" The noise level intensifies in the kitchen, and Grace shoves her ear next to the receiver in a maddeningly unsubtle attempt to eavesdrop, so Lily makes some completely unrelated comment to throw the little snoop off the scent: "Yeah, thanks for calling. If there's anything, we'll call."

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