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Boy Meets Girl

Cut to Rick's kitchen, where Jessie is leaning against the counter, flipping through a magazine. Rick walks in with bags of take-out and asks where Eli is. Jessie matter-of-factly informs Rick that Eli is "upstairs with Jennifer. They're having sex in his room." "Stop that!" Rick says playfully before asking who Jennifer is. Jessie says she's Eli's girlfriend. One more thing that "slipped past," apparently. Rick asks what happened to Megan and then calls Eli. Rooting through the bag of food, Jessie asks if Rick got any vegetables. "I told you I'm a vegetarian," she says. "Meat. Is good for you," Rick says in a weird Frankenstein-y voice as he picks Jessie up and turns her upside-down. In the same weird voice, he orders her to "Set the table. Get the silverware." Still upside-down, Jessie fumbles with the drawer without much success. Eli and Jennifer come in. Jennifer tells Rick that Eli's told her all about him. "Did he tell you I'm mean? That he's got work to do?" Rick asks. But he doesn't sound mean. The pair insists that Eli's finished his work, and Rick believes them. Jennifer continues kissing ass, telling Rick that she loves his apartment. Jessie pipes up that they're still trying to get him to unpack the boxes because "it's only been three years." Eli complains that Jessie stole his Pearl Jam CD and they wrestle playfully. Rick, with studied nonchalance, asks if "that girl, the one hurt on the soccer field today" is okay. "Grace Manning?" Eli responds. "Yeah, she's okay. She was totally faking." Jennifer says that she likes Grace. Rick's flipping through a booklet while they talk, and Eli asks who Rick's going to call. Rick says it's to do with the parents' association. "You're gonna go out on a date with the mom? 'Cause she's really hot," Eli says. What a hormone. "What are you talking about?" Rick asks, taking a really weak stab at innocence. "What mom?" Jessie wants to know. Eli asks again, "Are you going to go out with Grace's mom? Because that is so cool." Rick says no and stumbles and bumbles around his reason for calling Lily, which ostensibly is to find out whether Grace is okay.

Cut to Lily's kitchen, where Jake and his goofy hair are resting comfortably on the counter. He's quizzing Zoe about state capitals while Lily prepares dinner. As Lily passes him, she mutters that she thinks he should go. He leans in with a smirk and says, "I think I should stay." Thankfully -- or not -- Lily does not have a knife in her hand. The phone rings, and Jake hands the cordless to Lily. "Is this Elizabeth?" Rick's voice asks. "Lily, yes." He reminds Lily that he's the guy from the school office.

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Once and Again




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