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Boy Meets Girl

The next afternoon, Rick's truck pulls up to the high school amid the shouts and whistles of the aforementioned soccer match. The camera pans from him to the field and then focuses on Lily, who's standing on the sideline and cheering for Grace. I'd like to point out that she doesn't have a particularly pleasant yelling voice, but she does look fetchingly sporty in her little "New York" hoodie and track pants. And don't you think that Rick doesn't notice. Somehow, he picks her voice out of the crowd, even though he's never heard it before, and he stares at her appreciatively.

This delicious little moment is interrupted when someone fouls Grace, sending her down hard on her ankle. Lily and the coach rush onto the field and lead Grace off.

Inside the school, Rick and Eli are seated on a bench, waiting in what appears to be an outer office. It can only mean a date with the principal. Lily and the coach lead a hobbling and thoroughly self-conscious Grace into the waiting area. The coach conveniently heads off-screen while Lily fusses over Grace. Seeing Eli watching her humiliation, Grace looks like she'd rather just chew off the bad ankle and get the hell outta there. Lily and Grace take the seats next to the boys, and Rick sees his big chance. He leans across Eli and asks Grace if it's her ankle. He scoots in front of her and crouches over the injured leg, telling her that the most important thing is to get it elevated and put ice on it. Grace lowers her head and looks up at him through her eyelashes. He keeps asking her questions, and she blushes and wonders if he's a doctor. He laughs and says no, he's just injured his own ankle "a million times." The nurse calls Grace into her room, and Lily follows. Rick and Eli assume the waiting position again. Eli restlessly tosses and catches a basketball, just so we all know he's a jock.

Lily emerges from the nurse's office, smiles tensely, and takes her seat. Rick leans across again and tells her not to "listen to the doctors -- she'll walk again." They both chuckle heartily. Lily tells him that her kids aren't too big on stoicism and then adds that she doesn't really have any, either. Quite possibly, the understatement of the millennium. Rick assures her that it's a useless virtue. Wait 'til you've spent some time with her, pal. Somehow their scintillating conversation fails to capture Eli's interest, and he dully informs Rick that he's going out "to shoot some hoops until mom gets here." An awkward moment ensues after he leaves, and Rick breaks it by saying, "And that one. He could use a bit less. Stoicism." He tells Lily that Eli's failing two classes and "forgot" to tell them. "You and your wife must've been thrilled about that," Lily says, casting her line. "Ex-wife," Rick says, snapping up the bait. He says that his ex "blames [Eli's problems] on the divorce. She blames global warming on the divorce." Lily chuckles again and says, "Maybe she's right." What? What does that mean?

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Once and Again




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