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Boy Meets Girl

Later that day, Lily and the girls are making dinner while Lily's sister, Judy, makes herself comfortable on the counter. Grace is gabbing away about a party coming up on the weekend. Lily asks the requisite parental questions, like will there be adults there, and Grace assures her that, even when the host's parents are home, they may as well not be. Okay, quick tip Grace: don't ever EVER say anything like that again if you have any hope at all of attending a function. Grace gets lucky this time, and Lily lets the comment slide. Grace tells Lily that it's not the kind of party where kids do drugs or anything, and then goes blundering into the realm of truth again, admitting that it is the kind of party where everyone "pairs off." Lily asks what that means. "Uh. They make out," Grace answers, looking mortified. Lily looks as if her ears are about to bleed, and Grace quickly tells her to forget about it. Judy gets all "tell me more, girlfriend," and says that she "made out when [she] was fourteen, but that [Lily] waited until she was married." I think she's kidding. Grace grows even more uncomfortable -- nothing like imagining your mother making out to make you want to swallow your own head -- and says she doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Lily prods and pokes and pries, though, and Grace admits that she doesn't want to go to the party because she has last-one-left-on-the-playground anxieties. Lily reassures her that she won't be left out and then wonders, "What am I saying?" Exasperated, Grace complains, "Look at me! No one will want to make out with me. Why can't you just accept it?" Zoe -- who's nine, by the way -- pipes up that some boy said he'd make out with her. This news doesn't exactly thrill Grace. Lily takes another stab at boosting Grace's esteem, telling her that she's wrong about how she sees herself. Grace informs her that Jake understands and told her to go on a diet if she wants. Lily's about to grab her pitchfork and torch, but Grace insists that Jake didn't tell her to diet. Lily asks about her soccer game the next day. Grace informs her that Jake will be there, perhaps as a means of warding off Lily.

Grace leaves to change her sweater, which has somehow become grossly uncool in the past four minutes, and Judy suggests, "Maybe if [Grace's] mother started dating, she'd have a better opinion of herself." I don't really see the logic in that, but whatever. I think Judy's oh-so-subtle point is that Lily needs to get out more. "Oh, thank you, Judy," Lily snipes as she punches the buttons on the cordless phone. "Jake!" she shouts into the mouthpiece. "Did you tell Gracie to go on a diet? Well, that's what she said." Actually, it isn't what Grace said, but it's a pretty good excuse to pick a fight. Lily's about to launch into a lecture but then stops herself and says they can discuss it at the soccer game. She gestures wildly, and it's obvious that Jake has asked what soccer game she's referring to. She snipes that it's the "soccer game. Tomorrow. Where you promised you'd be, like, a week ago." After a pause, Lily snaps that he can "come or tell [Grace he's] not coming. [She] doesn't want to be caught in the middle of this again." So apparently Jake makes ditching his kids a bit of a habit. Lily stabs the phone to disconnect Jake and then tells Judy he had no idea there was a game. Judy dryly observes, "He's a busy man. Orgies. Weekends in Vegas." Lily rolls her eyes.

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