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Boy Meets Girl

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Boy Meets Girl

Cut to black-and-white Rick describing the effects his father's death had on him. Rick was only fourteen, and the loss caused him to retreat into himself and become totally self-sufficient. Then he met Karen, and for some reason, he came out of himself. He could "let [himself] need her" and when he "messed things up with [her], he figured he'd just meet someone else. But it's been three years, and [he's] still alone." He switches to a voice-over as we watch a montage of Rick going through mundane daily rituals all alone. A sad guitar plays in the background. Rick says that he's "scared sh--...uh, so terrified of being alone. [He] feels like, when someone else recognizes that, [he] can't imagine why they'd still want [him]."

Cut to Lily putting Zoe to bed. See, that quick cut is meant to show us that Lily would want Rick, even if he is scared and messed up. Awww. The moment is quickly contaminated as -- horror of horrors -- Jewel starts to "sing." Cut to Lily walking down the sidewalk in broad daylight -- what time does Zoe go to bed? --and engrossed in deep thoughts.

Cut to Rick in his bedroom. The phone rings, and I think we can see where this is going, can't we? It's Lily. Cut to Rick outside the scene of the breakup. Lily approaches, and they stand on the sidewalk smiling at one another and looking like models from a J. Crew catalog. Jewel finally, thankfully, shuts the hell up.

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Once and Again




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