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Boy Meets Girl

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Boy Meets Girl

Cut to Lily driving away. It seems that she would walk away from it, and she just did. Rick stands on the corner and watches her go. The camera pans all the way back, so we can see how small and alone he is without Lily.

"Totally naked or something," David says, pulling us off the street and into Rick's office. The two of them are sitting there, and Rick stares off while David spews his crap: "And then she says, 'I'm sort of an exhibitionist. Does that bother you?' Twice in one week, I've got girls asking me to watch them. I mean is that some kind of societal trend?" It could be, but I doubt that most of us consider strip clubs, which is where I'm sure David spends most of his time and makes most of his acquaintances, to be "society." Before David can prod a response out of Rick, the receptionist pops her head in to announce that Karen is there. David's reaction makes it clear he thinks she's a ball-buster. But still, he gives her a big fake hi-hi greeting before leaving them alone. Karen tells Rick that Eli failed his test. She then accuses him of not making Eli work. She says she doesn't think Rick wants to acknowledge that Eli has a problem. Rick gets all defensive, and things look like they're about to escalate, but Karen defuses it early by telling Rick that he's a great father, and he doesn't want to see that "their wonderful son, with a thousand wonderful qualities, has a problem. And if [they] don't address it, [Eli's] going to be the one to suffer." Rick looks as if some of her speech has gotten through.

Later that night, Rick, the kids, and Jennifer are sitting around the table. Rick interrupts the kids' conversation to say that he has to talk to Eli alone. When Jessie and Jen leave, Rick tells Eli that his girlfriend has to go home. He cuts through all of Eli's excuses until Eli finally admits that she is a bit "distracting."

Meanwhile, Lily's helping Zoe with her homework. Grace walks past them, and Lily asks why she's not getting ready. Grace says she's not going. To the make-out party, remember? Lily, concerned, follows Grace to the staircase. Grace's low self-esteem comes screaming out, and Lily at first tries to diffuse it with a little humor. Grace just gets more aggravated. She gets all teary and says, "I'm not pretty. I weigh too much. And I do not want to subject myself to that humiliating situation." Lily puts her hands over her face and tells Grace that it pains her to her Grace talk about herself that way. Grace tells her it's her problem, not Lily's, and she can't go to the party feeling like she does. Lily switches to a pep talk, telling Grace that it's a chance to meet people. Grace gets touchy again. Lily sits next to her on the stairs and tells her she's not "the miscreant ugly person [she] puts [herself] out to be. [She's] a beautiful, intelligent, amazing girl who has so much to offer anyone." Lily adds that she's "not going to let [Grace's] fear dominate [Grace] or [their] house anymore." She tells Grace that everyone is afraid, but "fear can be your friend." Grace says, "Yeah, it makes me throw up." "No, duh, it tells you you're alive," Lily says. She tells Grace that she spent too many years being afraid, and she won't let Grace make the same mistake.

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Once and Again




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