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Boy Meets Girl

Later, Jake and Lily are alone in the living room. He's leaning against the doorway and says, cockily, "Well, he's not bad looking." In a whispered yell, Lily reminds him that she asked him to take the girls out and demands to know why he brought them back. He says Grace forgot a book and said she'd rather work at home, anyway. Lily informs Jake that Grace has anxiety attacks when she's home alone, but Jake doesn't buy it. He insists that Grace said she'd be fine and to just drop off her and Zoe at home. He adds that he had a "meeting" at ten. "At ten?" Lily questions, snidely. "Oh, is that what they're calling it these days?" Oh, burn! "Is she twenty-two with big tits?" she demands. Yes, I rewound the tape three times to make sure I had actually heard that correctly. Jake reminds Lily that she "sent them to [him] because [she] didn't want to deal with [them]." Lily asks when was the last time she sent the kids to him. She gripes that she asked for it once, and he couldn't even do that. She brings up Grace's anxiety attacks again and says that Grace wanted to come home because she'd rather be alone there than at Jake's place. Jake wants to know how he was supposed to know that. "Well, if you'd listen to her, you'd know," Lily snaps. Jake accuses Lily of encouraging neurotic behavior in the kid, saying maybe Grace is just copying the example Lily sets. Lily snipes, "Right. Everything's my fault. I made you sleep with those twenty-two-year-olds." Jake shouts, "Yes! Yes! Is that what you want to hear? Then all right, YES!" Lily whispers for him to "shut up" and points towards the kids' rooms upstairs. She tells him he should leave because she wants to talk to Grace. "Well, she's fine when she's with me, so maybe it's you," Jake says meanly. "Maybe you should think about that." With whispered rage, Lily tells him to "get out." Jake says goodnight, calls out a goodnight to the girls, and struts out the front door.

Cut to Lily flopping onto Grace's bed. Grace wants to know why Lily didn't tell her who "he" was. She and her friends thought "the guy's son" liked her because he talked to her in the hall. Crying, Grace adds that now she finds out why he talked to her, and she "has to deal with him because he might be [her] step-brother." Lily says there's "nothing to worry about, after tonight." "You think so?" Grace asks hopefully.

Cut to a café, where Rick is waiting for Lily. When she arrives, she immediately tries to back out of things with him because it's "too soon. [She's] not ready for it. Grace isn't ready for it." She tells him that he doesn't "want to be somebody on the rebound," which really perks him up. Rick asks if that's what she thinks this is. She says no. She wishes it could be different, but the timing is off. She insists that he's not the problem. Rick asks, "Do you understand that what happened between us doesn't happen that often?" Yeah, because most people change the locks when their exes move out. Lily says she knows it's special. "And you would walk away from it?" Rick asks. Lily looks thoughtful. Rick looks pained.

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